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A Storm of Words

storm witchGood morning gothlings.  There was an all night rainstorm last night.  There’s something about the rain that makes me want to write, or cast spells but writing won last night.  Maybe it’s the kind of stuff that I write that makes me that way.  Ever since I was little I loved thunderstorms.  My dad would hold me up at the front door so we could watch the lightning and that was the beginning but I never grew out of it.

Give me my favorites, a thunderstorm, rain like last night or a steady spring rain that you can open your windows too and I have to write something.  I think the spring rain is my favorite.  There’s no rush to that rain.  The curtains billow with the slightly chilled air that can be cured with a cup of coffee.  You can look outside and see the grass and trees look greener, the flowers bend and sway, there’s the constant, calming patter as the drops bounce off the world around you and you have time to sit and contemplate what you’re writing.  The clouds billow in different shades of gray and darken your house, making it just right to maybe light a few candles and a stick of incense.

It’s almost like casting a spell on myself, reaching that calm meditative state where I can really let my muse in and listen to her.  The writing just feels better.  It seems right the first time around.  Those are the perfect times.  The times when my ideas come faster than I can type.  The times when the people who don’t understand why I bother to keep writing after all this time will never understand.  When your imagination is free and flowing and you don’t want to stop.  Kind of like falling in love for the first time.  Really, why would we write if we weren’t in love with it?  That’s a magic every writer has.  🙂


happy fairyGood morning my darklings.  And it is a pretty good morning too. 🙂  I still woke up way too early but last night I also feel asleep way to early as well and I think I can feel my normal levels of weirdness returning.  The witch book has been sent off to Terrie so there hasn’t been anything else on my mind while I’m writing A Familiar Nightmare.

I had been getting worried that the book wouldn’t be long enough but with no thoughts of herbs or spells traipsing through my head anymore, I can clearly see the direction the book needs to go in to arrive at the ending I want.  That only makes me feel better.  I’ve gone from that borderline place to normal crazy which is my regular comfortable place.

Or it could be that the kids go back to school today and, all by itself, deserves a Snoopy Dance. 🙂  I really do love a break from the normal schedule and having them home for a while but this has been a week and a half of scheduling craziness.  And not the safe, happy crazy I talk about.  Last Monday was a day off followed by two-hour early dismissals the rest of the week, followed by Monday and Tuesday off of this week.  But…a wrench was tossed in the early dismissals when it snowed and they got a two-hour delay.  That meant the early dismissal was canceled so you had to flip-flop everything for that one day.  So going back to yet another normal thing is making me happy this morning too.

I got some not so great news yesterday that a doctor will be calling me today to explain everything, but that just isn’t enough right now to dull the fact that I slept, can write freely and the kids are going back to school.  Oh!  And for some freak of nature it’s gone from 15 to 20 degrees for that past week to it’s supposed to be 68 degrees today.  Not putting everyone in layers of clothes, heavy coats, hats and gloves is awesome too.  They waddle around like ducks or the kid brother from A Christmas Story. lol  It’ll be jeans, t-shirts and jackets today! 🙂

A Little Bit Crazy

crazy angelGood Morning gothlings.  It’s been another night of waking up at 1am and when you add that to all the other nights that aren’t quite that bad, but still not normal, I think I’m starting to go a little bit crazy.  Or crazier than usual. 🙂  Take it from me, you need to sleep.  I mean, I assume so.  It seems very nice, those brief, dark escapes from reality where nothing in the world matters.

I read a study once where two group of normally sleeping people participated.  One group was allowed to sleep like they always did but the other group was woken up just before the entered R.E.M. sleep.  There were no behavioral changes in the first group but the second group began to get very irritable.  And the longer they went with out the worse it got.  Some experienced hallucinations.  Some became overly emotional about everything.  The study concluded that humans don’t just enter R.E.M., where the subconscious mind takes over and we begin to dream, isn’t just a thing that happens while we sleep but a necessary part of sleep or we will go insane.  That’s the time when we really rest.  That’s the time I’d really like.  I don’t need any help getting on the crazy train. lol

There’s even superstitions all over the world about sleeping, like the first one to go to sleep on the Bridal night will be the first one in the relationship to die.  Which direction your bed faces makes a difference.  One direction will make you live longer, another means you’ll travel.  Scientists have even studied this and say that a bed facing a Southerly position provides the best sleep though they don’t know why.

Maybe, by witchy standards, it has to do with balance.  You’re laying pointing North and South, like the saying, “As above, so below.”  Or maybe it’s a scientific thing, sleeping between the magnetic poles of the earth.  I don’t know.  I’m writing the ramble of the sleepless and borderline bat crazy. lol  I think I’ll be rearranging furniture for a while to see if it works.  I’ll let you know.



Finished First Edit

editing witch07 The Diary of Jane

Good morning my lovely and handsome witchlings.  I have finished the first edit of the witch book.  There are a lot of changes to make but the second edit will be that much easier.  As a perk for the small spell working, I’ve added some music from one of my favorite bands if you want to click the link and listen to it.  It should work fine. lol  It’s Breaking Benjamin.  Love them.  And it doesn’t hurt that Benjamin Burnely is fine to look at. 🙂  But anyway…

Another day or two and my slate will be completely clear to focus solely on my real WIP.  It’s about halfway through and the other half should come easier if I’m not thinking about another book that should have been done a while ago.  I’ve got to give love to Terrie for not being a mean or pushy agent but a sweetheart instead.  🙂

The kids are off for the next two days so it’ll be a fight to get to the computer but I’ll catch up fast enough.  Even if it’s in little pieces at a time.  It all add up in the end until I can type the The End. lol  Then I’ll be editing again but I have the spell to help me now and I’m going to use it.  Some ginger, a bay leaf, sage and cinnamon, my wish and an orange candle.   I don’t consider it cheating.  It’s using my talents to the best of my abilities. 😉

As for now, though, it’s rewrite, re-edit and then done the witchy book.  That first edit is just the hardest.  And I promise to try not to post about editing this book anymore. 🙂

I Can’t Believe the Mistakes

flower vampGood morning my darklings. So I’ve been editing the witchy book and I can’t believe the amount of mistakes I’ve made in just a few pages. Was I not paying attention as I wrote? Was I drunk and now sober me is paying the price? lol That’s a joke. I couldn’t have been drinking the whole time I was writing. lol  I have a habit of holding my pen in my mouth while I edit and the other night, since I’m partially nocturnal, I fell asleep with my pen there and when I woke up and hour later, it was still in my mouth and the pages were still in my hands.  Was I tired or hiding from the editing in dreamland?  I honesty think I was hiding. 🙂

But I wrote in a previous post about wishing I had a spell that would do editing for me or something like that and there might be a spell I can tweak to at least help me along somewhat.  It might be too simple but if I mixed some herbs associated with success with the herbs for a wish spell and wished that the errors stood out a bit more, the editing might be easier.  I think I’ll give it a try to see how it works.  If that doesn’t do anything I’ll just have to step it up to something stronger.  😉

Then I can open one of those internet stores that sells spells for people. lol  I know it’s $40 to $60 dollars for a Tarot card reading, which is timed, plus you should tip.  I’ve never charged for a reading but I’ve seen what the prices are for people who claim to do spells for others on-line.  I could make a small fortune and hire and editor.  Then I can send Terrie a beautiful, ready to go, she just has to read it and not fix anything because I didn’t miss anything book.  🙂

I’m Ready To Confess

confessing witchGood Morning my darklings.  I feel that I’m ready to confess my addictions.  They say that’s an important part of recovery.  So here I am bearing them for you to read.  Some of them you know already.  I can’t go a day without my coffee.  I smoke and I like doing it even though I know it’s slowly killing me.  I will eat spicy Mexican food until I feel like I might explode.  I spend way too much money on music.  And the things that I know will never stop, I love magic and casting spells and, yes, I admit…I’m a book junkie.

I can’t wait until I have finished reading one book until I’m buying more.  And now that I’ve set everything up wirelessly, I don’t even have to be hooked up to my computer to do it.  My dealer sits in the palm of my hand.

There is a good reason for all the reading though.  I’ve got to keep up on the trends of the genres I write in.  Zombies are big now.  Vampires are always going to have devotees but Twilight kind of screwed the vampire writer.  As a bibliophile, yes I read the whole series.  But none of my vampires, good or bad, ever, ever sparkled. lol  No they were good.  They just kind of overloaded the market and now you’ve got to find other paranormals to write about.  And I’m not into writing about zombies, how many different ways can a virus spread or there be some apocalyptic end of the world?  Why not just leave it at the original black and white Night of the Living Dead?  Lycanthropes are cool but I’ve never tried writing about them and they’re starting to show up a lot more than they used to as well.  Can we blame Twilight for that one too?  🙂

Then there’s horror.  That I in adult short stories most of the time.  The big deal there now is possession in some form or another.  I just have to interject another movie here and say the book the Exorcist by William Peter Blatty (partially based on a true story about a boy from my state) is much better than the movie.  But anyway, the a many different ways to go with horror.  I mean you can do horror with just humans, which reminds me the book Texas Chainsaw Masacre written by Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel is also a much better book.  But both the movies are awesome.

Anyway, there you have it darklings.  My confessions of addictions, my excuse for reading so much besides my love of books and a couple of movies that I think made better books.  Just for the record, I think the Twilight series was better as books too and that whole cutting the last book into two movie like Harry Potter is crappy.  But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

I Think I’ve Finished A Book

pink witchbook of shadowsGood morning my lovely spirited witchlings.  I think I’ve finished my first book on witchcraft.  That alone deserves a Snoopy dance.  Of course it still needs to be edited and okayed by my agent, but as of right now it’s at least complete.

This is a beginner’s book so I did some research on the lengths of those books since I had no idea when I started.  I decided to write it basically like I write this blog, without the complaining. 🙂  It’s written in my own first person voice and I explain things and give advice.

Then I break it down into sections of things that are a witch must know without overloading it.  Like I said, it’s a beginners book so I couldn’t just dump a million herbs, stones and crystals on anyone.  I I have to look things up and check sometimes too.

Then, at the very end, is the spell section.  Simple spells that aren’t full of hard to find ingredients and should work.  If I had to guess, that would be the place in the book most little witches will turn to first.  I probably would 🙂 but I also have a real interest in the crystals and stones, what attributes they add to spell.  I’m an earth sign so maybe I’m naturally drawn to them, I don’t know.  But this post isn’t about me it’s about the book and the dreaded editing.

Writing a book isn’t easy but editing is hard.  For me at least.  I wish I had a spell for that. 🙂

Writing and The Muses

muse 2biancaGood morning my darklings.  Last night a friend of mine and I were talking about the Muses and writing.  I knew that there were nine of them but I wasn’t sure what each one did so I checked up on it and of course I’m going to share what I learned with you.  I picked two pictures of what I thought they might look like

1. Calliope:  Epic Poetry

2. Clio:  History (the picture on the left)

3. Erato:  Love Poetry

4. Eurerpe:  Song and Elegiac Poetry

5. Melpomene:  Tragedy

6. Polyhumnia:  Hymns

7. Terpischore:  Dance

8. Thalia:  Comedy

9. Unrania:  Astronomy (pictured to the right)

Another writer friend of mine has started teaching creative writing courses on top of everything else he’s doing, like his regular job and having three books that need to be done for publication of first edits in the next couple of months.  And I wondered, as much as I had always wanted to take a class like that, what if he were to get a classroom of students who have no talent.  Because I believe that you must have a talent for writing to begin with and a Muse may happen along to help you out with powers of inspiration.  But could someone with no writing talent become a great writer with a devoted Muse?  Could a great writer fall by the wayside without their attention?

I have plenty of spells to call to the Muses but I don’t usually use them.  I write on my own most of the time and hope that I catch the attention of a Muse to get a little jolt off their touch upon my shoulder to give me a new view of what I’m writing, a scene I hadn’t thought of that would add depth to my story.  So I guess in my, personal opinion, you must first have talent, then must be able to rely on that talent and hope that a Muse will take an interest.  How do you feel about it all?  Muses?  No Muses?  A combination of the two?

The Rejection Burn

waterfall fairyGood morning my darklings.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my book, a lot of start and stop for the past couple of days.  So I figured I’d try to submitted an old short story, something different to get a break from what I usually write but still kind of dark and it was rejected.  But the burn of rejection was soothed some by a friend and the fact that it was a personal rejection that told me specifically why they didn’t want it and asked that I submit something else.  So I’ll take that to mean that  how I write wasn’t the issue but it was the story topic  And a new story was promptly sent off.  It was the last short story I have that is worthy of being read by someone other than me. lol  But I like to think of creativity and definitely imagination like the waterfall in the fairy picture to the right.  It comes from somewhere that you may not know or understand, maybe shouldn’t even question and just accept the gift of it, and it’s unending.

So today I’ll go back to my real book and give it another try to see if the flow has come back.  If not, I’ll write until there’s nothing left for today and then move on to another short story.  One that will be completely new.  And I’ll keep it up until the breakthrough comes and my WIP starts running through me like it was just days ago.  If this is some new writing thing I’m going through where I have to do both, I’ll do both.

Who know?  Some of them might get accepted and if it helps me get my story to Terrie, my wonderful agent, then that’s what I’ll do.  The rejection burn isn’t too terrible anyway.  You might get down for a little bit but that’s one of those dangers of writing that we have to accept.  Not everyone is going to like what we put down.  But we have the upper hand in these things.  We have a talent that came with us like the ability to breathe.  And for most of us not writing would be like not breathing, even though we do hold our breaths while we wait for acceptance or rejection. 🙂