New year fairyGood final morning of this year my darklings.  I’m sitting here writing this, smoking my cigarette and drinking my coffee and contemplating the last day of 2012.  For a long time I’d given up on making resolutions because I never kept up with them so I don’t have any guilt of not accomplishing something.  I mean, of course I would have liked to have had my book published but my agent Terrie works her butt off for us and the publishing world works as it works.  Waiting is a difficult game.

After talking with a very good writer friend of mine, though, I’m thinking about making a resolution this year.  I think, maybe, I’ll promise myself to write and submit more short stories since I’ve slacked off of them so much and possibly try my hand at a horror novella.  All these things, if they get published, make my bio bigger and make me look like less of a risk which I hope can only help Terrie since there’s nothing I can do at this point to help unless she calls me and says, “Krista, they want the book but you’ve got to do a re-write.”  In which case I’ll turn out the re-write as well and fast as I can.  🙂

On a side note, I’m also considering a curse word jar.  I tend to cuss a little too much so if I have to toss a quarter in a jar every time I say one, just think what I’ll have by the end of the year. lol  I know I won’t break myself of the habit but I’ll be happy if I lessen it and then get to take the jar to one of those CoinStar things and cash in the change. lol  I definitely know better than to say I’m going to quit smoking or drinking coffee or lose weight.  Besides, having pancreatitis pretty much all the time is making me lose weight anyway.  Living on broth and liquid stuff will do that for you. 😛

I’d kind of like to be a better witch as well.  Due to my…experimental youth it seems a lot of my short-term memory has gone bye-bye and I have to re-reference new spells more often than I’d like to.  That means studying which was never high on my list.  I was punny and didn’t even mean to do it there. lol

Anyway, how do you all feel about resolutions?  If I pick from these and make a resolution or two, they’ll be my first in years.  Or are you the kind of person who every year believes this will be the year you follow through?  Oooorrr, are you one of those people who makes a resolution and actually has the willpower to really do it?   If you make one or a few, I wish all of you the best of luck.  Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve.  We got through the Mayan Apocolypse, we can get through this too.  😉