apple witchtripple goddess Good morning my witchling and darklings.  I know this is a particularly early post today but I’ve been up most of the night thinking, smoking, drinking coffee.  I even broke down and did some laundry.  All of my big plans for writing yesterday resulted in a few paragraphs.  The book is still there in my head.  The ideas and the plot, twists, everything.  I just can’t seem to get them out the way I want them to be right now for some reason.  So with my thinking, which may be off from lack of sleep, I’ve come up with a plan.

There are always other books that I’m working on.  Half finished or almost finished but still in need of work.  My agent and I talked about me writing a book about witch craft for teenagers that falls into the almost finished category.  You know, minus editing and sending it to Terrie to see what she thinks of it as far as rewrites or anything.  But maybe taking a break from my actual WIP to work on this WIP will give me the break I need to keep from ruining one book and get me to finish another.  I’ll still be writing.  And it will still be something my agent wants me to work on, so I don’t really see the harm in that.  Moving forward is the direction I need to go in on both of those books anyway.

I’ve done the research on length for these types of books and they’re much shorter than YA Paranormal, which is a good thing for me now.  I’ll have to read through it again because I do remember that there were some parts that I wanted to go back and put some more depth into them.  When writing about a subject like witch craft to teens, I think you really have to be very clear on everything you put down.  That should help me get my focus back.

So that’s the plan.  Let’s hope it opens up the flood gates.  I’ve worked on more than one book before so if it does, maybe I can get both books done.  Wouldn’t that just be awesome?  🙂