crystal ballGood morning darklings.  I’ve been a busy girl and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.  That’s a good thing for me though because being idle leads to thinking too much which can cause a panic attack and that sucks.  So my time being filled is good.

So yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day whipping up a couple of spells for a friend of mine.  One for the New Year and one for her birthday which is in a few weeks.  I did all the spell work and wrote it out to explain what I’d put into it and what it meant and what she’d have to do to finish it.  Then I figured it was Friday, and I’ve told you that ruled by Venus so it’s the perfect day for love spells so I made myself a little charm bag for me and my husband.  We seem to get along better when I’m wearing one, not that we get along badly.  It just helps make things a little better and that never hurts.  He knows I do it but doesn’t believe so it doesn’t matter to him

Then it was time to go back to the WIP.  I wrote about two sentences and then gave up and did some editing.  I usually save that for the very end because I don’t like to do it and I have to do it repeatedly.  I think I just used to much energy with the other stuff to be able to write.

Today will be different though.  I have some mundane stuff to do but then I can write.  It’s supposed to snow so I’m not going anywhere.  Snow and I don’t get along.  It likes to make me fall on my butt. lol  The kids have their Christmas toys that they’re still fascinated with.  My husband will be on night work and my house will be clean.  A few pain pills for my pancreatitis would make things perfect but I’ll just have to deal with that.

So I’m off to try to get things done so the writing can start.  Hopefully my Muse is awake and chipper today. 🙂