dancing fairyGood morning my lovely darklings and witchlings.  Thank goodness and Goddess we’ve made it through the insanity of another Christmas.  First let me say that I thought of this blog yesterday but when I was checking on my agents other clients on Twitter last night, one other had the same thought.  So here’s her info if you want to check her out:  her name is Kelly Damian, her website is www.kellydamian.com and her Twitter is @KellyDamian2.

I wish there was this much energy put into Halloween.  I’m not religion bashing or anything, believe what you will, but, geez, it seems Christmas gets crazier every year.  And this is coming from someone who readily admits to being a little off the normal charts herself.

People are being rude because we’re all frustrated looking for the right gift and dealing with crowds everywhere you turn.  I took my kids to see the decorated houses a couple of times and the owners look at you like you’re sacking their house.  Why do you decorate if you don’t want people to look?  And my youngest is 5 so if it’s a big display she likes me to stop so she can really take it in, so I’ll pull over so she can look and be fascinated.  That doesn’t even count the debt you put yourself in to crawl out of all year to do it again the following year.  And goodness help the family member who pulls the short straw for the responsibility of Christmas dinner.  I’m not even going into the batches upon batches of cookies that have to be made.  But the time consumption and life sucking experience has passed.

Now it’s time to look on to St. Valentine’s Day, which rock anyway because it almost always includes chocolate. 🙂  And then I begin my internal countdown to Halloween again.  I can’t wait.  Christmas is just so exhausting.  I know some of you love it and there are gifts involved but I have to admit I’m glad it’s done for the year.

Well, not completely done.  I still have to take down the tree and decorations around the house.  But it’s close enough. lol