ready to fight-fairy-23245119-1024-768Good morning my lovelies.  First thing I want to do is thank you all for reading my last post and/or replying to it and getting me ready to go.  I’m sorry for not responding but I really wasn’t kidding about not writing.  Even replying to emails went undone unless they were something that I had to do for one reason on another.  I’ve calmed down my personal emotion status, taken in and thought on the advice that was given to me, read and of course listened to some music.  And now I think that once I get all the other crap I let go done, I can write again.  The scenes are starting up in my head again and that’s a good sign.  The blog isn’t anymore of a chore than the usual putting a part of myself out in cyberspace to be judged.

Blogging is hard for me because I’m not behind a character and I’m shy.  Weird trait for a writer. lol

But the absolute most bizarre thing is for a writer to not want to write and that’s where I was.  I do a lot of bizarre things so normally that wouldn’t be weird for me but to not even want to go near the computer to open my WIP is not a good place to be.

Thanks to the other bloggers who liked my blog when they read it or commented, but a special thanks goes to the Wolf Cub Family.  I don’t know what other agencies are like but I doubt they’re like us.  I presented a problem and you all came to need.  We’re a lucky bunch.

So this is short but the longer I write, the more time I take away from what I want to be doing and, like I said, I now have a bunch to do before the story can get moving again.  Thanks again. 🙂