sad witchGood morning darklings.  I’ve been neglecting my blog again but I do have an excuse.  If I have an overflow of any kind of emotion, writing is impossible for me.  I’ll just stare at the blinking cursor and nothing will happen until I just feel worse.  This is just like an attempt for me now.  If I can get a blog out then maybe I can do something with my WIP progress when all the kids are in school.

Is it me or do other writers feel that way?  Is your writing cathartic for you or does it feel like crap like it does for me?  I feel like I can’t even get out a decent poem much less a chapter or more.

And I’m not generally an angry person though for some reason that’s been mixing in lately, but more so depression sets in and like right now the book is at a point where they’re fighting and planning and those things just don’t mix well.

I’ll post this blog to try to get going again but I don’t really like it.  So if you’re like me, what do you do?  Can you work through it, do you wait it out or just force yourself to write and edit later?

For my witchlings, do you cast a spell to lighten your mood?  I’ve got some and the ingredients to do them but I haven’ worked them.  Maybe I should.  Maybe I should do all of them as in spells and writing  If I have the energy to make the spells work, good, and if I end up feeling the writing is good, great, but if it’s bad I’ll edit it.