2012-12-02_07-00-25_835Good morning darklings.  Yesterday as I had my first cup of coffee and cigarette outside, I took this picture of part of my street.  There’s no hidden ghosts in here or anything.  I just thought it was kind cool and creepy looking.  It’s amazing how much some fog can change the look of things.  Normally it’s just a regular street that could be anywhere, but yesterday it looked like some unfamiliar place blanketed in a cloud that stretched as far as it could to reach the ground.

It made me think that I definitely under use it in my writing.  I always give at least general what the day was like details and actually have used a little fog in my WIP, but there’s plenty of room for more of it in the story.  I just can’t overdo it of course.  The weather can’t be constantly foggy just as much as would never be sunny all the time.  And since I’m writing in the general area of where I live, the weather should resemble that.

Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I believe I’ve found the perfect time and place to use it.  It’ll probably be in a cemetery naturally. 🙂  I think I’ll have to re-write a little bit the addition of a fog rolling in with what happens in that part will make it much more (excuse this any grammar Nazis out there) muchier.

I have to go write it now before I lose it, so this is going to be a short one today.