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The Last Day of 2012

New year fairyGood final morning of this year my darklings.  I’m sitting here writing this, smoking my cigarette and drinking my coffee and contemplating the last day of 2012.  For a long time I’d given up on making resolutions because I never kept up with them so I don’t have any guilt of not accomplishing something.  I mean, of course I would have liked to have had my book published but my agent Terrie works her butt off for us and the publishing world works as it works.  Waiting is a difficult game.

After talking with a very good writer friend of mine, though, I’m thinking about making a resolution this year.  I think, maybe, I’ll promise myself to write and submit more short stories since I’ve slacked off of them so much and possibly try my hand at a horror novella.  All these things, if they get published, make my bio bigger and make me look like less of a risk which I hope can only help Terrie since there’s nothing I can do at this point to help unless she calls me and says, “Krista, they want the book but you’ve got to do a re-write.”  In which case I’ll turn out the re-write as well and fast as I can.  🙂

On a side note, I’m also considering a curse word jar.  I tend to cuss a little too much so if I have to toss a quarter in a jar every time I say one, just think what I’ll have by the end of the year. lol  I know I won’t break myself of the habit but I’ll be happy if I lessen it and then get to take the jar to one of those CoinStar things and cash in the change. lol  I definitely know better than to say I’m going to quit smoking or drinking coffee or lose weight.  Besides, having pancreatitis pretty much all the time is making me lose weight anyway.  Living on broth and liquid stuff will do that for you. 😛

I’d kind of like to be a better witch as well.  Due to my…experimental youth it seems a lot of my short-term memory has gone bye-bye and I have to re-reference new spells more often than I’d like to.  That means studying which was never high on my list.  I was punny and didn’t even mean to do it there. lol

Anyway, how do you all feel about resolutions?  If I pick from these and make a resolution or two, they’ll be my first in years.  Or are you the kind of person who every year believes this will be the year you follow through?  Oooorrr, are you one of those people who makes a resolution and actually has the willpower to really do it?   If you make one or a few, I wish all of you the best of luck.  Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve.  We got through the Mayan Apocolypse, we can get through this too.  😉


Old Book For The New Book

apple witchtripple goddess Good morning my witchling and darklings.  I know this is a particularly early post today but I’ve been up most of the night thinking, smoking, drinking coffee.  I even broke down and did some laundry.  All of my big plans for writing yesterday resulted in a few paragraphs.  The book is still there in my head.  The ideas and the plot, twists, everything.  I just can’t seem to get them out the way I want them to be right now for some reason.  So with my thinking, which may be off from lack of sleep, I’ve come up with a plan.

There are always other books that I’m working on.  Half finished or almost finished but still in need of work.  My agent and I talked about me writing a book about witch craft for teenagers that falls into the almost finished category.  You know, minus editing and sending it to Terrie to see what she thinks of it as far as rewrites or anything.  But maybe taking a break from my actual WIP to work on this WIP will give me the break I need to keep from ruining one book and get me to finish another.  I’ll still be writing.  And it will still be something my agent wants me to work on, so I don’t really see the harm in that.  Moving forward is the direction I need to go in on both of those books anyway.

I’ve done the research on length for these types of books and they’re much shorter than YA Paranormal, which is a good thing for me now.  I’ll have to read through it again because I do remember that there were some parts that I wanted to go back and put some more depth into them.  When writing about a subject like witch craft to teens, I think you really have to be very clear on everything you put down.  That should help me get my focus back.

So that’s the plan.  Let’s hope it opens up the flood gates.  I’ve worked on more than one book before so if it does, maybe I can get both books done.  Wouldn’t that just be awesome?  🙂

Busy Yesterday, Busy Today

crystal ballGood morning darklings.  I’ve been a busy girl and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.  That’s a good thing for me though because being idle leads to thinking too much which can cause a panic attack and that sucks.  So my time being filled is good.

So yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day whipping up a couple of spells for a friend of mine.  One for the New Year and one for her birthday which is in a few weeks.  I did all the spell work and wrote it out to explain what I’d put into it and what it meant and what she’d have to do to finish it.  Then I figured it was Friday, and I’ve told you that ruled by Venus so it’s the perfect day for love spells so I made myself a little charm bag for me and my husband.  We seem to get along better when I’m wearing one, not that we get along badly.  It just helps make things a little better and that never hurts.  He knows I do it but doesn’t believe so it doesn’t matter to him

Then it was time to go back to the WIP.  I wrote about two sentences and then gave up and did some editing.  I usually save that for the very end because I don’t like to do it and I have to do it repeatedly.  I think I just used to much energy with the other stuff to be able to write.

Today will be different though.  I have some mundane stuff to do but then I can write.  It’s supposed to snow so I’m not going anywhere.  Snow and I don’t get along.  It likes to make me fall on my butt. lol  The kids have their Christmas toys that they’re still fascinated with.  My husband will be on night work and my house will be clean.  A few pain pills for my pancreatitis would make things perfect but I’ll just have to deal with that.

So I’m off to try to get things done so the writing can start.  Hopefully my Muse is awake and chipper today. 🙂

Another Christmas Done

dancing fairyGood morning my lovely darklings and witchlings.  Thank goodness and Goddess we’ve made it through the insanity of another Christmas.  First let me say that I thought of this blog yesterday but when I was checking on my agents other clients on Twitter last night, one other had the same thought.  So here’s her info if you want to check her out:  her name is Kelly Damian, her website is and her Twitter is @KellyDamian2.

I wish there was this much energy put into Halloween.  I’m not religion bashing or anything, believe what you will, but, geez, it seems Christmas gets crazier every year.  And this is coming from someone who readily admits to being a little off the normal charts herself.

People are being rude because we’re all frustrated looking for the right gift and dealing with crowds everywhere you turn.  I took my kids to see the decorated houses a couple of times and the owners look at you like you’re sacking their house.  Why do you decorate if you don’t want people to look?  And my youngest is 5 so if it’s a big display she likes me to stop so she can really take it in, so I’ll pull over so she can look and be fascinated.  That doesn’t even count the debt you put yourself in to crawl out of all year to do it again the following year.  And goodness help the family member who pulls the short straw for the responsibility of Christmas dinner.  I’m not even going into the batches upon batches of cookies that have to be made.  But the time consumption and life sucking experience has passed.

Now it’s time to look on to St. Valentine’s Day, which rock anyway because it almost always includes chocolate. 🙂  And then I begin my internal countdown to Halloween again.  I can’t wait.  Christmas is just so exhausting.  I know some of you love it and there are gifts involved but I have to admit I’m glad it’s done for the year.

Well, not completely done.  I still have to take down the tree and decorations around the house.  But it’s close enough. lol

A Special Gift

gifting angelGood morning my darklings.  We all know that I have some odd beliefs, not just using witchcraft but how I mix other things in with it.  But no matter how it fits in, one thing I believe without a doubt is that loved ones who have passed away will or can sometimes come to visit us.  Except they can only do it while we’re dreaming.

I’ve dreamt of my mother’s parents and my first love boyfriend, who died very young, over the years and these dreams made me come to this belief and the more I had them, the more I knew they weren’t just dreams but a visit in the only way they can.

Last night I received a very special gift in dreaming about my dad’s father.  He was a great guy that just everyone loved.  You couldn’t know him and not like him.  He always called me His Girl partially because I was the only girl born in my family in almost 60 years and his birthday was the day before mine which made me extra special to him.  And he was a big goofball.  He’d dress up like a clown just to make kids laugh.  Sat on Santa’s lap when he was in his 60’s for a picture and always said if he ever won the lottery, the first thing he’d do was buy a bunch of ice cream and set it up on tables on a lot up the street from our houses (I grew up across the street) and let all the kids have all the ice cream they wanted.

Anyway, I’ll leave out the bits before I saw my grandfather in the dream but I turned around and I saw him.  I went running for him and hugged him as tight as I could.  He was walking, which he couldn’t do at the end of things, and he knew who I was, which he almost never did at the end because he had Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It was the best hug I’ve had in the longest time.  I wish it could have lasted longer but I was so happy that I was crying in the dream and must have been crying in my sleep because my daughter woke me up.  So even though it’s kind of sad, it was very happy for me and probably the best Christmas gift I’ll get this year.

Ready To Go

ready to fight-fairy-23245119-1024-768Good morning my lovelies.  First thing I want to do is thank you all for reading my last post and/or replying to it and getting me ready to go.  I’m sorry for not responding but I really wasn’t kidding about not writing.  Even replying to emails went undone unless they were something that I had to do for one reason on another.  I’ve calmed down my personal emotion status, taken in and thought on the advice that was given to me, read and of course listened to some music.  And now I think that once I get all the other crap I let go done, I can write again.  The scenes are starting up in my head again and that’s a good sign.  The blog isn’t anymore of a chore than the usual putting a part of myself out in cyberspace to be judged.

Blogging is hard for me because I’m not behind a character and I’m shy.  Weird trait for a writer. lol

But the absolute most bizarre thing is for a writer to not want to write and that’s where I was.  I do a lot of bizarre things so normally that wouldn’t be weird for me but to not even want to go near the computer to open my WIP is not a good place to be.

Thanks to the other bloggers who liked my blog when they read it or commented, but a special thanks goes to the Wolf Cub Family.  I don’t know what other agencies are like but I doubt they’re like us.  I presented a problem and you all came to need.  We’re a lucky bunch.

So this is short but the longer I write, the more time I take away from what I want to be doing and, like I said, I now have a bunch to do before the story can get moving again.  Thanks again. 🙂

Emotion and Writing

sad witchGood morning darklings.  I’ve been neglecting my blog again but I do have an excuse.  If I have an overflow of any kind of emotion, writing is impossible for me.  I’ll just stare at the blinking cursor and nothing will happen until I just feel worse.  This is just like an attempt for me now.  If I can get a blog out then maybe I can do something with my WIP progress when all the kids are in school.

Is it me or do other writers feel that way?  Is your writing cathartic for you or does it feel like crap like it does for me?  I feel like I can’t even get out a decent poem much less a chapter or more.

And I’m not generally an angry person though for some reason that’s been mixing in lately, but more so depression sets in and like right now the book is at a point where they’re fighting and planning and those things just don’t mix well.

I’ll post this blog to try to get going again but I don’t really like it.  So if you’re like me, what do you do?  Can you work through it, do you wait it out or just force yourself to write and edit later?

For my witchlings, do you cast a spell to lighten your mood?  I’ve got some and the ingredients to do them but I haven’ worked them.  Maybe I should.  Maybe I should do all of them as in spells and writing  If I have the energy to make the spells work, good, and if I end up feeling the writing is good, great, but if it’s bad I’ll edit it.

2012-12-02_07-00-25_835Good morning darklings.  Yesterday as I had my first cup of coffee and cigarette outside, I took this picture of part of my street.  There’s no hidden ghosts in here or anything.  I just thought it was kind cool and creepy looking.  It’s amazing how much some fog can change the look of things.  Normally it’s just a regular street that could be anywhere, but yesterday it looked like some unfamiliar place blanketed in a cloud that stretched as far as it could to reach the ground.

It made me think that I definitely under use it in my writing.  I always give at least general what the day was like details and actually have used a little fog in my WIP, but there’s plenty of room for more of it in the story.  I just can’t overdo it of course.  The weather can’t be constantly foggy just as much as would never be sunny all the time.  And since I’m writing in the general area of where I live, the weather should resemble that.

Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I believe I’ve found the perfect time and place to use it.  It’ll probably be in a cemetery naturally. 🙂  I think I’ll have to re-write a little bit the addition of a fog rolling in with what happens in that part will make it much more (excuse this any grammar Nazis out there) muchier.

I have to go write it now before I lose it, so this is going to be a short one today.