smokey witchGood Morning my darklings.  There’s a new rule at my house.  If I want to smoke, I have to go outside.  I think my husband is trying to make me quit and given that it’s 26 degrees outside, the smoking in the morning at least has slowed down.  But there is the fact that I did have office jobs before and it wasn’t like we could smoke in there so I’m used to inhaling a cigarette quickly when it’s cold.  Not like I haven’t done it before. 🙂

But there are a few things that I like about going outside to smoke at night or especially in the morning even when there’s ice on all the cars.  It’s very quiet and it’s too cold to let the kids come out so I have time to think about what I want to write.  And then there’s the moon and stars to look at which just makes me think about writing even more.  I can watch the shadows and wonder what could be hiding in them or form from them.  The sounds, or really lack of them, that only come when the houses around me are all still asleep.  I was actually thinking about this blog while I was out there earlier.  And I was outside freezing in the cold waiting for my daughter’s bus when the idea for Brimstone Blues came to me.

My favorite thing, though, it when there’s a bright moon.  I love the shadows it casts on everything.  I can’t do it anymore because we’ve moved, but in our old house, the moon would shine right into our bedroom windows.  I would open the blinds, especially if my husband was on night work, and let the moon shine into the room and I would feel so safe and comfortable surrounded by the blue for some reason.  It was comforting like the first time in spring when you can sleep with the windows open or you can listen to the soft patter of a gentle rain storm.  Silly, right?  I’d stay awake to watch the shadows move across the room and, since I write paranormal/dark fantasy, I would compose in my head how my characters would notice the moon.  How beautiful and unending the moon was even if there was some dire situation, even if they only noticed it for a moment.  Or how the moon was so bright they could find their way through a forest, or see the enemy or fear that a hiding place would be easily discovered as if by a spotlight of radiance.  Does the moon effect their powers?  Are they stronger night then they would be in the day?  And, of course, vampires aren’t coming out unless the moon is in the sky.  There are no daytime, sparkling vampires in what I write. lol