Good morning my lovelies.  Music plays a large part in the inspiration of my writing process.  Just as much as reading or having something happen in my life that I can twist into my story.  I’m pretty sure it does for a lot of you as well.  Even when I’m working at a normal office job, my style of music is always playing to help me survive the day.  I was a bookkeeper and had to handle literally millions of dollars without the benefit of a computer.  I did it all in one of those old time, huge ledger books with the yellowed pages.  Panic could set in very quickly when numbers didn’t match up and it was only me and a calculator to figure it out.  lol  Not that that matters anymore.  It was a long time ago now.  Housewifing and writing are my jobs now. 🙂

Anyway, my point was music.  Or really one line of a song from the band Metric that I think touches on me, my characters and writing.  The line is:  Nothing I’ve ever done right, Happened on the safe side.  Writing isn’t safe.  You pour words onto a page and hope that someone somewhere loves them but risk that rejection.  I can only speak for fiction since that’s what I write, but we put our beloved characters in some tight situations, pit them against nasty and powerful adversaries and occasionally we have to let one go for the plot.  That’s not easy to do after we’ve created them and made them real people to us.  I don’t think I’ve ever completely offed a good guy, bad guys, sure, but I think the worst I’ve ever done to a main character is have things not work out for him or her.  I wrote a horror story once that ended with a demon gone, but the possessed girl insane and a priest quitting the priesthood to seek out and kill them man who had sent the demon to the girl in the first place.

The group in the book I’m working on now are about to have a run in with the big bad guy of this novel.  I can honestly say I’d never want to run into him in a dark alley.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  My characters are properly powered but not knowledgeable enough to deal with this situation without some damage.  I don’t know how it’s going to work out because I don’t usually plan ahead as I write.  That may be the least safe thing I do with my writing (besides editing because I’m not great at that lol).  I don’t go by an outline.  Sometimes I’m not ever sure how it’s going to end.  I just write until it’s finished and all the most of the loose ends are tied up, just in case another idea pops into my head for another book to go with the Brimstone Blues and this one, which I’m calling A Familiar Nightmare.

But I don’t mind any of that stuff because I love to write and that’s just how I do it.  And when I get stuck, because it will happen, I’ll have some music to lead me through my dead spell and back whether it’s safe for me and my characters or not.