Good morning darklings.  I’ll admit that I’m not nearly as impressive as the witch in the picture who seems to have a lot of everything under control, but I’m proud to say that with all my whinning about time and stuff to do, I actually got a little of everything done.  Some things more than others.  Unfortunately, cleaning was one of them but I just can’t write or do spells when the house is a wreck around me.  It’s hard enough to concentrate with just the kids around me.  Hell, it’s hard to concentrate when it’s just me and my attention span of a gnat. lol

So, after the cleaning, I’ve managed to write a chapter and a half roughly, order some Christmas presents, do two spells and make a charm bag.  Of course, when you have a bunch of kids running around, the cleaning part comes everyday.  Mine are especially messy because, well, I’m really messy too I guess. 🙂

But the good news is that it’s Sunday and this happens to be a day work at the firehouse for my husband.  So I’ve got a bunch of time to do stuff.  Then when he comes home and steals the television for football, the kids will probably scatter to their rooms (which they’ll mess up again), when he starts hollering at the television and I’ll get to sit here and write without anyone taking notice that I’m not around.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to watch football.  I just like writing better and my husband likes to watch football alone so he can scream at the television.  Like I’m a weirdo for talking to a horror movie and it’s normal for him to talk to the players.  They’re not going to hear him anymore than the stupid boy/girl who thinks the best place to hide out from whatever monster/demon/ghost whatever is in the basement. 🙂

Anyway the point is to keep getting some of everything done.  So if I get my butt off of here I can maybe accomplish getting a little more of everything done and have free time to write to my heart’s content by late afternoon.  That sounds like a plan.