Good morning my lovely darklings.  We have now officially moved into the madness of the Christmas season.  ‘Tis the time that I will probably be forced to hide away my weirder things to make room for the normal the rest of the family likes so much.  It’s for the kids really so I don’t mind it too much for a little while and I have to admit I do like the way a dark room looks when lit only by the lights of a decorated tree.  I don’t see why the lighted strands of skulls, bats or ghosts can’t be used though.  Maybe I can talk the family into a Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas. 🙂

Anyway, the point is, how much does the holiday season really cut into your writing time?  Is it the same or do mad runs to over crowded, too hot malls with kids screaming everywhere kind of suck the inspiration out of you too?  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I was once one of those kids crying about sitting on Santa’s lap.  It goes back to my fear of clowns, I think.  Easter Bunny costumes are a no-no by the way too.

But you spend all your time searching on-line for the right gift, braving the malls, going to the grocery store and moving your schedule around for school Christmas parties.  We’ve got firemen in our family so sometimes they’re working, sometimes they’re not, sometimes their schedules are opposite and you have to find a way to fit Christmas day somewhere actually in Christmas Day.  And practically the whole time I’m just wishing that I could be home at my computer writing something.

Maybe I should set up some kind of reward system for myself.  For every Christmas activity that I accomplish, I get an hour on my book.  That would probably keep me from my normal procrastination.  I could still get some writing done while I’m working on it and then be done early enough that between decorating and buying presents and then getting ready for however we’re going to have to schedule Christmas dinner this year, I won’t have anything to do but my normal stuff and write.  Now it’s a matter of sticking to the plan.  Do any of you have ways of dealing or do you just give up for a month and recharge?  Maybe your ideas would work better for me than mine and I can borrow them if you don’t mind.  🙂