Good morning my darklings.  I hope everyone got their tummy’s stuffed yesterday.  I know I did and I’m still paying for it in cleanup, you know pre, post and post-post cleanup?  I’m in the post-post stage thank goodness.  And good luck to those of you who headed out into the cold for Black Friday.  I did that once and that was enough for me to learn my lesson to never do it again.

Fridays have a different meaning for me though.  As weird or morbid as I am, I’m still one of those people who is in love with love.  I adore the feeling of leaning into my husband and feeling like there’s nothing better in the world than his arms even after more than a decade.  I still love his kisses and looking in his eyes.  I’m one of those suckers who for better or worse, really meant it forever.  And if you want to cast a love spell, to spice things up, to stabilize things when they’re a little rocky or if you want to try to draw your soul mate to you, dream of him, enchant or entice the one you’re with, Friday’s your go to day.

A love spell can be worked any day of the week but certain days are best for working certain spells.  Friday is ruled by the planet Venus and we all know Venus was the Goddess of love so it only makes sense love spells.  When I want to plead with my Muse, I go for another day but that’s a different story. 🙂   So today I think will be some love spells.  Little gentle ones just for the cause of making an over tired man remember he’s still in love and maybe one other I found that was interesting and will finally give me a chance to use some of my graveyard dirt. 🙂  And, last, but not least, my love charm bag.  I need to make a new one with a little more focus and detail.  I’m always thinking about my husband when I make them, but magic has its own agenda sometimes, especially if you’re not specific enough.  I went for some oomph on that one too and got a lot of attention I wasn’t looking for.  This time I’ll go for simple yet slightly intense.  Hopefully the occult store I go to will be have some Black Friday sales too. 🙂

A post like this might seem odd for a writer, I guess, but it’s my blog so I can write what I want, right?  And when someone reads a short story, or eventually one of my books, even though I may have taken some liberties with the practice and how things really work, they’ll know that I actually do know what I’m talking about.  🙂