Good morning darklings.  I have a lot to write about but I’m a tired writer today.  Not for my book exactly, but for my blog.  There hasn’t been much writing getting done because I’m having a hard time fitting it in with my mongrels off of school all week and things like 3 parent/teacher conferences today.  Thanksgiving is at my house now and looming which means extra cleaning.

That does not mean the story isn’t moving forward in my head though.  I’m at least 3/4 of a chapter ahead of what I have and if I don’t get some of it down soon, my head might explode like something out of the movie Scanners.  I’m even dreaming about it.  If that’s not my characters telling me to get off my butt and write something, I don’t know what is.  I understand.  I’d hate to be stuck in the same scene on page while the story is racing along somewhere else, especially when almost everyone is in place and things are getting ready to happen.

I can see me ending up like this guy over there in the picture.  I’ll have a cigarette dangling out of my mouth, my eyes bugging out behind my glasses as try to make my fingers keep up with what’s in my head with as few typos as possible, funneling coffee into myself like human fuel.  The kind of sad thing is that I can’t wait to get there.  And I’m afraid that once I finally get a chance to have a chunk of time large enough to write instead of blog, that the words won’t come because I’ve been holding it all in so long.  So this blog is serving two purposes for me today.  One, it’s my blog, lol, and, two, I’m trying to loosen the hold I have one the story so it will flow when I’m ready.  I just hope it doesn’t flow out of my ears. lol

I’ll have to power through these meetings, pay attention and not wander off into my little world.  That’s hard for me on a regular day but put me in a school, even now, and my mind reverts to, What else can I think about while I’m stuck here?  If we didn’t have to sit in alphabetical order, I was always the girl in the back corner either closest to the door for escape or the window so I could look out.  But today, I feel half in my book already.  This is for the kids though and their only 20 minutes a piece, which still adds up to at least an hour in school, most of the meeting run over so you have to wait so it takes longer.  So wish me luck that I can stay focused and get home so I can write.  I may have to just break it down into chunks of writing to get it done even though I just want some silence and time alone with my characters.  Maybe a nice Pixar movie when we finally get home will do the trick.  That should be about 90 minutes of free time.  Free time that should be spent doing something else, but will be spent doing what makes me happy.