Good morning gothlings.  Today is about one of my most favorite horror movies, The Prince of Darkness.  Yesterday I got my hands on the latest issue of Rue Morgue with the talented and missed Donald Pleasence in his role as The Priest.  If I hadn’t seen that from the corner of my eye, I may have not even noticed the magazine sitting there, spotlighting The Prince of Darkness with an excellent interview with John Carpenter, you know the guy who did The Thing and Halloween?

The Prince of Darkness came out when I was about 9 and the way you became possessed was if the huge vial that contained the liquid form of the Prince squirted you or one who had been squirted got you.  I can remember going to bed and being afraid my mouth would open up just enough that some of that evil liquid could get in my mouth. lol

It is a scary movie.  There’s the building sense of dread that what’s containing the Prince is obviously opening and he has power over street people, led by no other than Alice Cooper,  who surround the church awaiting him and thus trapping the people inside the church to wait and see what happens once he’s out and how many of them get turned or just bite it.  There’s the synth music that adds so much as it does in The Thing.  It’s there, working on your nerves and you barely notice it’s happening.  But there’s science in the movie too and I think that was the downfall.  Critics didn’t take the movie and see it as a frightening possibility of the end of the world and the horrors going on in and outside the church.  They just ripped it apart for being, I guess baseless uppity science-y horror with no backing.  There is a branch of science which Carpenter uses in the film and melds together with religion and horror.  I couldn’t write something like that.  Could they?  Could you?  I could do the horror aspect, maybe touch on religion to make my horror work but not all three.

And the ending, even though I’ve seen the movie countless times and I know what’s coming, am actually seeing it in my head as I write this, still scares the crap out of me.  The scariest parts to me are the messages that come from the future, but I won’t go into that for those of you who haven’t seen the movie and might be a little inspired to watch it now.  I have two horror movies waiting for me today.  Insidious, which I’ve already seen but is worth a second look and Back from Hell which is a new movie, as in new and new to me.

You may find this weird, or maybe not if you read my blog at all regularly, I find it easier to clean and do laundry when there’s a horror movie playing in the background.  🙂  It gives me a reason to rush so I don’t miss anything good.  So anyway, here’s to a happy 25th birthday to an excellent, yet underrated childhood favorite.  May it hit cult classic. 🙂