Good morning my gothlings.  I’m on time today, or at least, my time which never really seems to match anyone else’s.  Always late or early, never just on time.  You should see me in the morning trying to write this and get everyone ready.  Not pretty.  Anyway, I’m sliding away from the point, yet another thing I do.

If you happened to read my Halloween blogs about the strange things I’ve done or that have happened to me, you might have read the first one about three ghosts I believe I have in my house.  That’s why I picked the picture of the ghost girl.  If her hair was dark, she was in my hallway and had her brother beside her, that would be her.  If you never read it, I’ve only seen her once without the boy.  I’m guessing it’s her brother the way he stays protectively with her.  That was the longest I’ve seen her.  Her reflection was behind me in the my bedroom mirror but when I turned around, she was gone.

The boy and the dark shadow thing, I haven’t seen for a while and nothing has happened until recently.  Bruises and scratches from nowhere are starting to show up again.  Before though, they were on my shoulders, legs, stomach or back.  Now the bruises are on my arms and the scratches aren’t long, they’re small and on my hands.  These scratches heal faster than the others, of course maybe hands just heal faster.  I don’t know.

But the night I saw the girl in my bedroom mirror, we’d hired a babysitter and my husband and I were going out.  In the mirror it looked like she was beside me but by the bed, watching me get ready to go out like any other little girl would do.  I used to watch my mom get ready all the time.  And now I’ve been writing a lot more.  The story has been picking up speed in my head and I’ve got to keep up with it before I lose any details.  I’m not so preoccupied with the uninvited spirits that had decided to go quiet after Halloween.  I thought maybe once the veil between the living and the dead closed, they went away.  But now I’m wondering if they’ve just been quiet or if the little girl just stayed here with a family with three kids around what age appears to be.  I’m beginning to wonder if I have a jealous little girl ghost who doesn’t like me spending so much typing and not so much time trying to figure her out.  Or maybe I’m crazy.  Okay, I’m a little crazy but that’s not the kind of crazy I’m talking about. 🙂