Good morning gothlings.  The Halloween melancholy has been sloughed away and I moved on with the writing since 5:30 this morning which makes me think of things I love to have around me while I’m writing.  Now I write on the computer in the dinning room so due to the fact that I’m the only “weird” one in the house, I can’t really decorate it the way I’d like.  Do any of you have a dream writing room you’re waiting for?  Or do you already have it?

That doesn’t mean that I don’t think about the things I’d like to be surrounded by should there be a lottery winning or a book deal that would pay for an addition to the house that could be my own to write in.  All of my beloved things would come out of the curio cabinet of the boxes their hidden in in the basement.  As I window shop stores that cater to my preferences, I make mental notes of the things I’m going to buy while I wait for my writing room/office.  I know the picture to the right looks like a fire hazard and would probably take a whole lot of anchors to keep it on the wall, but if you wrote paranormal and horror like me, can you imagine the kind of inspiration you could get just by gazing at that thing

My collection of glass and crystal skulls would have to be placed around it.  I could take all of the things out of my witch box and placed on a shelf so I could find whatever oils, herbs or stones I was looking for.  Maybe even a real, smallish, altar so I don’t have to make one every time I do anything.

I could breathe the incense scented air in peace and let my mind go to work and tell my fingers what to do.  I think with that  as the focal point of the room, books would flow.  There would be no television in the background distracting me, no kids running circles around me asking me questions.  Just the presence of that many skulls may scare them away from the room and my computer.  I’ve lost more than one manuscript to the kids playing on the computer.

Of course there’s always the possibility that I might never want to leave the room.  Give me a coffee machine, an ashtray and maybe a futon and I may just live there.  The kids can have some much needed daddy time. 🙂  But as I said, this is a one day dream room.  Until then I can keep writing the way I always have.  Besides if you can churn out a couple of books with extreme distraction, you’ve got to be able to write, right?  I guess we all have to start out the hard way to get to what we want, so one day I’ll have that room and it’ll be super Goth tricked out. lol  🙂