Good morning my darklings.  I’m feeling a little down today.  Halloween is over.  I guess for people who aren’t like me, or us, they feel this way when Christmas is over.  After Christmas, I just feel relieved.  But Halloween is different.  The reality of it coming to a close for me is as on porch light after another flicks off and the groups of kids start skipping those houses knowing there’s no more candy to be had there.  I try to hold out and be one of the last few, grasping to the last few hours of the night before retiring to something, hopefully, scary on the television to relish my last few hours.

My Dark Angels on either side feel it.  The Queen who sits on her throne waiting for her time to come again next year and the three that wait behind the skulls in front of their haunted house when they will be set free to enjoy the darker spirit and the revelries of the night.

But my good friend Carrie, who shares Terrie Wolf as an agent with me, reminded me yesterday as I worried over today’s lamenting, a little part of Halloween is always with people like us.  So if you’re feeling the same, just remember that the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve is with us in our appreciation of the macabre, our views on what is normal to us that other’s call weird, our books and music, and for those of us that write some form of paranormal, even our writing holds the taste of Halloween with darkness, or powers most humans don’t have or monsters others couldn’t dream of.  Even the short story I wrote about yesterday is still brewing in my head and will hopefully give any of you that read it a promise that Halloween will be here soon again.

So we’ve got to just look for Halloween in all the dark little corners, ride out all the other holidays and enjoy them and maybe the wait for next year won’t seem quite so long.