Good morning my darklings.  Blessed Samhain my Witchlings.  Halloween has finally arrived on the tail of a full moon and a horrific “Perfect Storm”.  This should be a time of fun and celebrating or worshiping but for too many people, there will be no Halloween this year.  People have died, lost loved ones, lost homes.

So what should we do?  Do we, who can (and even I won’t be able to celebrate the way I normally would), celebrate more for those who can’t?  Or do we take a solemn stance and do the minimum of letting the kiddies do a little trick or treating, call it a night and wait for next year?  That’s a personal decision, though I doubt that those who can’t do a proper Halloween this year would hold it against anyone for having their own.

I know I should be telling something strange or spooky that happened to me but instead, I’m going to lay out my plan in no particular order because that’s just not me. 🙂  But I plan on doing something a bit extra witchy, taking the kids for some minute trick or treating, handing out candy to any other brave souls, of course watching horror movies and I think I might write just a short little story to post on here since I haven’t done it for a while.  It should also help get some of this built up Halloween spent out of my system.  This just hasn’t been a very good Halloween season for me this year.

So what are you going to do today and tonight?  Give me some joy through some good times that at least my friends are having.  And if I can get a short story up, come back and read it.  Tell me what you think.