Good morning darklings and friends, since some of you are not darklings but friends enough to read this for me anyway :).  When I start a blog with a title with one of the stranger things I’ve done, you must think, What in the heck has she done know?  It’s not now but this is far more recent than most of the other posts.  It was just a few years ago actually and the first time I showed any larger form of witchcraft outside myself without a spell.

I am able to do certain things.  Piss me off and you’re liable to trip the next time you get up to walk, or choke just enough for a coughing fit if you say something I don’t like.  Things like that.  None of it is really mean and I don’t intend for it to happen.  Usually.  I just get angry and it comes off of me.  I was mad yesterday at a nurse and found it very hard to find the concentration to keep it inside as I was taking care of my mother who had just had surgery and my grandmother who is basically immobile.  They don’t need to be on the receiving end.  It was very uncomfortable.  I found myself feeling angry and scared of myself at the same time.  I do do good things too but those are completely on purpose.  I can take a headache and leave the other person without one.  Give calm and that type of thing.  Those are the reliable ones I guess because it’s straight good.  I have dreams that come true.  But that’s not the story it’s just example to show how little the things I do are without the involvement of spellwork and the Goddess.

Now, for starters, my husband and I have been together for 11 years and even though he’s been on the receiving end of coughing fits, trips, stubbed fingers, toes and a few other things, he steadfastly refuses to believe me.  Though when they happen and I say, “I told you so.” he usually just leaves the room. lol

What I’m talking about happened in my basement.  My husband and I were arguing pretty badly and I was extremely angry.  I don’t even remember what it was about anymore, but I threw his MP3 player and shattered it because I was closing in on enraged.  The basement isn’t finished yet and it’s lit by flourescent lights that hang from the rafters.  We were standing under one set in front of the washer and dryer and the next closest set are probably 20 feet away at least.  He said one last thing and it pushed me over the edge and I screamed something back at him.  One of those screams where you bend yourself in half with the force of it.  (My husband and I get along the vast majority of the time but we’re both Earth signs so there have been a few really big ones.)  As I hollered I felt this energy burst out of me, I don’t want to say like an explosion, but it definitely burst forth and when it did, those two sets of lights completely burnt out immediately.  The arguing stopped just as fast as he moved around me and went upstairs and I stared at the lights wondering if I’d really done that.  All the lights had gone in at the same time, so those two sets shouldn’t have been the only ones to go at the exact same moment.  My anger was gone and I stood there waiting for them to flicker back to life but they never did.  They had to be replaced.

My husband replaced them without a word, without even telling me he was doing it.  We’ve never talked about it.  He says he still doesn’t believe in what I do, still doesn’t want to see it and still teases me for doing it.  But now it seems that when I talk to him about it, occasionally he looks like he’s taking me seriously, like when I told him about the 3 ghosts and showed him the scratches I had.

Since then I’ve only done something like that once more but it was for a friend and a good reason and I did with focus, not a burst.  And that’s her story and it did work.  The lights were much more strange and kind of scary because it was unintentional and angry and something I never thought someone like me could do.  So now you know one of the stranger things I’ve done.  Just think what other weird stuff I’ve got up me sleeve. lol  🙂