Good morning my darklings.  Today is all about Quija boards.  I’ve said this in a post before but it never hurts to say it again, it’s Wee-Ja not Wee-Gee, and a pet peeve of mine.  How someone can get the qui part right and then get gee from ‘ja’, I’ll never understand.  Some people call them a Spirit Board, some are specially made and blessed, some are bought at Toys’R’Us, whichever the case, even if you make it yourself out of a piece of cardboard and use a glass cup and your planchette, it’s still made to talk to the other side.  Or maybe get an insight into your future.  Of course, most of you know all this and of course I spent my fair amount of time playing with them.  If I had had any sense back then I would have asked if any of the spirits I’d ever talked to knew if I was going to be a famous writer or not. lol

The problem is with a Witch Board is that sometimes you get a not so nice spirit that happens to be wandering around.  Some people believe that a spirit is attached to each board that’s made and that’s the only spirit you get unless you can get it to agree to let you speak to whomever you are trying to reach.  Lots of spirits like to lie and you don’t know first if you’re talking to something dark and nasty until things start to happen around you and you want out.

My first use of a Quija board was scary, at least for my age.  I was 11 and was just taking those first steps into the unknown, still dressed like a normal little kid and my short stories mostly contained unicorns.  But I was getting very interested in the darker, deeper side of things and when my friend pulled out a Quija Board, I was all for it.  We played with it for a while, getting an immediate response.  We thought we knew our spirit, her name and the way she’s spell things out to say things, even the smooth gliding pattern of the planchette.  As I said though, strange things had started to happen.  My friend al most walked into traffic untill I yanked her back by her book bag.  I started having nightmares.  The list goes on but we attributed it to playing with the board and asked one day and the spirit fessed up that she was the cause.

So we told her we wanted another spirit to talk to or we weren’t going to use the board anymore.  The normal speed of the planchette got faster and faster.  We heard her deadlocked front and back doors slam open and then the deal breaker was the gumball machine in my friend’s room.  As all this was going on we heard a loud crack and the planchette stopped.  We packed it away and shoved it deep in her closet before searching for the sound of the crack.  We were afraid one of her windows had broken but we finally discovered that her oversized gumball machine had a fresh, deep crack from top to bottom.  We figured we were lucky it hadn’t shattered and decided to spend the rest of the day at my house.

That was by far not the last time I used a Quija Board but I’ve stopped now.  I do believe that calling the spirits to the board is making the doorway to let just about any into you house if they feel like it.  I live in my own house now with my own children and am not willing to risk it.  But if I’m with a friend and they want to play, I’ll be willing. 🙂