Good morning darklings.  I’ve decided that since I’ve missed so much of Halloween, that I’ll post random creepy stuff that’s happened to me that may explain what drew me to my witchly ways and my love of morbid and horror and basically why people seem to consider me a little weird. lol

As I was contemplating my 3 current ghosts, I remembered that these are not the first I’ve seen.  There was one more.  This one I could sense and see and to be honest, sometimes I think he’s still with me because I’ve always had that feeling you get when you know someone is watching you but can’t see them.

Anyway, the story.  When I was younger, I slept in the attic, which wouldn’t have seemed too bad and most times wasnt’s.  I was the length of the house and the whole thing was mine, big enough that one part was my bed room with a four-poster bed, then the steps that went down and the larger part had all my stuff.  But as all horror movie people know, you never go to the attic.

The daytime was fine except for the feeling of being watched but I’d grown used to it by then.  But at night, I’d always read a little before I went to sleep and at the bottom right poster of the bed always stood what I called “The Guy in Gray”.  He wore an old-fashioned gray suit with a matching hat and stood with his hands clasped in front of him.  He never spoke, never got any closer than the bottom of the bed and didn’t really scare me, just kind or weirded me out sometimes.  And it seemed he could understand me when I talked to him in my head.  When it was time to sleep, 9-year-old girls don’t want that at the foot of their bed.  I would tell him it was time for him to go and sort of push him away with my mind.  Crazy, I know, but true. And he would stay away or unseen until the next night.

Eventually I stopped seeing him and wondered if maybe he wasn’t a ghost but someone or thing to watch over me.  Then my brother went into the military and I got his room.  I’ve thought of him a lot over the years and think sometimes he’s what I feel watching me.  But that’s probably going to remain an unsolved mystery and my story of the Guy in Gray.