Good Morning my darklings.  October being my favorite month, with my absolute favorite holiday, I’m usually posting more than this and last year I even had time for a contest.  Sorry there’s been none of that this year.  Computer issues and fixing the house have kept me away but I will make it up to you by telling you a true, personal and on-going ghost story I’m having.

First of all, this all started before working on the house, so let’s put away the construction disturbing the spirits away.  My house is not old.  Only one other family lived here before us and they had it built.  And the witchy senses have a knack for sensing spirits and they were never here before.  That’s part of the odd thing.  I know they’re here not because I’ve felt them but because for the first time in my life, I’ve actually seen them.  One is like a shadow, cliché I know, but not that formless kind of black.  He looks like a long, stretched out hooded human who darts for darker places when he’s been spotted.  There are also two children.  They seem about a yer apart, the boy being the older and give me the feeling that they are brother and sister.  Because I had never seen a spirit before, I wrote it off as my imagination.  I’m a writer and imagination is something we’re not short on.  None of my spells or Tarot readings had anything to do with calling spirits.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for them.  So I convinced myself it was something else.  Until I locked eyes with the older brother.  The pair did not more or speak until I had to blink and they were gone.

Then scratches started showing up, they’ve all been perfectly straight, but the first one was about 8 inches long on my lower belly.  There were about 5 more and then they stopped but the appearances didn’t.  The the other day in two spots on my right forearm, I got two knew scratches both circled by bruises.  And Saturday, as I was getting ready to go out, I saw the little girl alone for the first time reflected in the mirror.  It seemed like she was just watching me get ready like little girls do with their mothers.  I had been advised to communicate so I turned to speak to her, but she was gone.  There had been nothing until just this moment when my youngest daughter told me she could hear something knocking that I can’t hear right now.

So what do you think darklings?  Do you have advice or words of wisdom?  This is my first haunting and I have no idea what brought them here.