I’m reading the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood, Girl of Nightmares, and literally half way through when the screen flashes that I need to charge my Kindle.  I’m upset about this.  It can’t happen now!  How long will this take?  The book has been really good so far but it was picking up pace and the questions were getting thicker.  No!  Not now!  2 of 3 kids are sleeping and I’m getting to read pages at a time instead of words or sentences.

Finally, I accept my fate and head to plug my Kindle into its USB port when my son asks if he should charge my cell phone.  “No,” I tell him, “Don’t touch that stuff.”  I recently had to have a cell phone charger intervention because my old charger wouldn’t work and when I went to get a new one, my 3 month old charger isn’t sold anymore because it’s already out of date.  So now I’ve got some wireless thing that as long as it’s charged can charge 2 devices at one time.  My husband doesn’t want to use the second port so I put it out of my mind.  But then my son asks, “Won’t it charge your Kindle too?”  Duh.  Yeah probably if it fits.

So I unplug the USB cable from the computer and try it out on the Kindle and it fits.  And better yet, it doesn’t go to that “I’m charging so you can’t read” picture.  I can charge it AND still keep reading my book.  Rejoice!  Give son some extra love for seeing something so simple when I completely overlooked it.  Now I’m wondering what else I may have missed while I’m doing stuff in mom mode while he’s talking and I’m just answering him with “uh-huh’s”.

From now on I’ll pay some more attention.  Somehow I’ll break another piece of my brain off of what I’m doing to actually listen. lol  After I finish this book. 🙂