Good afternoon my lovelies.  Lovelies today, not darklings because this is a special, happy day.  In about 40 minutes my best friend/little sister will be having her second baby.  Baby Tyler is ready to come play and I can’t wait.  She gets deathly sick like I do.  I was dumb enough to risk it 4 times but she got through this with not one problem so we’re grateful.  His big brother is ready with his own kiddie camera to take pictures of his little brother.

I’m ready for the phone call that everything went smoothly and there’s one more pure little soul down here with us.  His gift is packed, sitting beside me and waiting like me. 🙂  There’s nothing better than that squirmy tiny thing a swaddled and comfy sitting in your arms (especially after they’re nice and cleaned up lol) unless it’s your own blanket wrapped newborn.  But since I can’t take those risks anymore, I’m stealing baby time from her. lol  Not that I wouldn’t anyway.

This morning she was all nice and calm and I was the hyper one.  But then I won’t be doing the 4 hour change the diaper, fix the bottle, feed, burp, repeat routine so maybe it’s easier for me. lol  Today will be bonding time with the new addition but Aunt Boo (yes that’s what I’m called) will be swooping in as soon as visiting hours start tomorrow.  I have to see everyone to make sure they all look content and well taken care of while they have their stay or the evil Aunt will show up. 🙂

Okay we’re down to 13 minutes til c-section time and I’m too excited to be sitting here so I’m going to have to go clean or something.

But to Dee, who’s always been my best friend and little sister, you’ve done well, you’re a good mommy  and, yeah mushier than usual, I love you.  Tell the baby Aunt Boo said Hey.  I’ll see him soon. 🙂