This morning, my darklings, I am trying something new.  We are going to be joined by a former Assistant Producer for the Disney Channel, an Executive Accountant for eight radio stations, print model and actress in radio, television and theater.  She’s also a holistic healer, believing in the harmony of mind, body and soul.  She has many other hats that she wears that you can read up on at her website  Most importantly right now she is the author of the book, Confessions of a Love Dream, the True Story of My French Affair.
First, practicing some witchcraft, I get the mind, body, soul, universe connection, but I have to ask what drew you to it?
As a child I was drawn to the mystical aspect of life that I experienced in nature, mostly. There was something magical about it that I came to learn was a part of me too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after I tried to live more “perfectly” on the outside (and failed miserably) that I actually turned inward to find my healing through the body/mind/spirit connection.
 Tell us about your middle name Serina.
My mother didn’t give me a middle name and actually named me Stephanie after a Shaman woman she knew through her mother. Our relationship was strained, however, she did create that space for me to find my true self and claim my middle name. I had a sense about it for years and it was only through my Tantric healing experiences that I found my inner Goddess named Serina. I’m called that when I do my healing work.
 What was it, after all you’ve already accomplished, that made you want to write this book?
I never set out to write a book, although I’d always longed to write. I worked hard to make enough money to support my family and didn’t have time to be writing. (That’s all explained in my book) I had an amazing “chance meeting” with a Frenchman while taking my daughter to France for her 16th birthday and after a glorious afternoon together we began a love affair online. It was his love letters that touched me so deeply that I was moved to review my life. I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and committed to write 50k words in a month so I used that as a challenge to put the stories of my life on paper. At a certain point I realized, “oh my God, I have a book!” His love letters were far too beautiful to be kept in a box under my bed. They are all in the book!
Your book touches on some intense topics, was that difficult to write or has your experience leading women’s empowerment groups made it easier to speak, or write in this case, openly?
Truthfully, when you are young and suffer shameful events,(like a sexual assault), you feel like somehow it was your fault. Through a lot of hard work and healing of my own, I’ve been able to bring those issues into the light of love, where others can step out of shame and find true healing. It’s my commitment to move through life with love and compassion and talk about things that are often taboo in our culture. I believe in the transformational power of love, even the shadow parts of it.
I hate these kinds of questions, but I have to ask it anyway. If you could describe your book in three to five words, what would they be?
Love Heals All.
Do you plan on writing more books?
Yes! I found my writer’s voice through the process of writing my first book and I’ve got lots of ideas for more of them. I actually find that my life provides interesting events that I enjoy sharing and through telling these stories and others can glean insight into their own lives and benefit from my experiences. Some are also very funny because there is so much humor inherent in life itself!
What is it that made you want to accomplish so much in your life? What drives you to succeed the way you do?
My life SO didn’t turn out the way I though it would! I think it’s more my soul’s desire to live congruently on the outside that drives me to keep going until it matches my inner process. I had so much conditioning and emotional trauma that it took many years to actually get in touch with my inner self and then try to craft a viable career from there. It’s a process but my book is a roadmap to my transformation.
And, finally, this one is up to you. What do you feel is going to draw people to this book?
My story is universal to all of us and even though the circumstances may not be the same, we are all struggling to find love, acceptance and happiness. I hope my book gets the exposure it needs so that it can touch people and open the conversation about the more significant things in life that we all care about.
So, my lovelies, you’ve met author Stephanie Serina Torres.  Be sure to go to her website to learn more about her and her book Confessions of a Love Dream, The True Story of My French Affair.  Trust me, these few interview questions don’t scratch the surface of what this dynamic woman has done.