Good morning darklings.  I had a very interesting Labor Day weekend.  I hope you all had some excellent cookout food and beers with friends.  I spent a decent amount of it in the hospital but, hey, we all know I’m weird and morbid you can’t fix that. lol  I personally don’t think it needs to be fixed or I’ve been broken for decades. 🙂  But between boughts of sleeping from boredom, I thought a lot about my book.  I’ve been a little stuck.

But lots of time to sit around and think has solved that problem and I can start moving forward again.  My heroine has a purpose again that will tie in very nicely with the ending that I have planned out.  Her Death Angel is going to show her things and explain a lot of her questions without ruining the plot.  It was nice of my Muse to come visit me.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  On the other hand, I had nothing to write with or on so I had to keep replaying the scene in my head to make sure I remembered it.  It was frustrating but it also gave me the opportunity to tweak what happens and what background will look lik.  I don’t think any kind of angel would live in squalor and he’s going to get an extra piece of magic that will fit in perfectly with what he does for the Angel of Death.

I’m home in time to make it to my very first writer’s convection, thank goodness since I already registered.  I have to tell you that I’m very nervous about it.  I’ll be the one all the way in the back.  Someone tell me about how these things normally work, please?  I need another writer here close by that I can make go with me.  Anyone feel like flying to Baltimore and trying to get registered before the spaces fill up? lol