Good morning darklings.  Last night my car officially died.  It could have been repaired but it would have been crazy expensive and we were only going to keep it for another month anyway.  The mechanic was even happy when I went up there and told him not to do any work..  He did one of those both arms in the air, the field goal is good things and didn’t charge me for all the looking and diagnostic tests they did.  So now I have to remove all my stuff and the little things I did to make it mine.  No more red-eyed skulls on the buttons.  No more gothic fairy stickers, day of the dead skulls or Tripple Goddess stickers on the back.  Now I freaking out because we are going to get a new car.  And my husband wants/needs a truck.  So it’s likely that later this morning my husband will leave and come home with a major purchase.  And being the good luck magnet that I am (a little sarcasm there) that is exactly the time the refrigerator will stop working or the roof will come off the house.  So everyone say a little prayer to whichever God or Goddess is yours that nothing else goes wrong for me.

Now back to the book.  The writing went on hold yesterday but I should be back on schedule today.  My characters were patient with me when I stopped writing and put them on hold when the mechanic called.  I’ll feel better if I immerse myself in writing instead of walking around giving myself panic attacks.  At least I’m in control of their world. 🙂