A Jessica Galbreth painting called Moonstone.

Good morning gothlings.  You may be wondering about the picture that a chose to use today to help represent my post.  But it’s a pretty picture of a charm I’ve created to help me write.  Normally it’s a stone of love or tender passion, but I’ve also been told some use it for inspirational purposes and wishing.  And most of those things have something to do with my writing.  I love to write, am passionate about, need inspiration and of course I wish for publication.  In the charm bag is also a clear crystal quartz which is used to magnify the power of any spell or charm.  Also in the charm bag are some herbs, shaved pieces of High John the Conqueror for money, cinnamon for success, five-finger grass to enhance what I want and lastly, a strand of my hair.  These are in a green charm bag, green is a color for success, that I keep on me when I’m writing.  There is also a little saucer of water to help invite my Muse and I’m considering adding a yellow candle to this mix because that’s supposed to draw out the Muses as well.

To most people, I guess this doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with writing.  But it does.  The Muse can’t help with inspiration if there’s no creativity going on and I’m the one doing the writing.  The charm bag is jut essentially something to help me and my book be successful.  Yes, I may be a little weird, but we knew that.  And these are things that I believe true.  I’ve also said a prayer or two to St. Jude.  So in all the work that goes into writing a book, which I’m doing, and hoping that some publisher will love it, which I’m also doing, I think it’s a smart thing to use what I know to my advantage.  Isn’t success of our dreams to be a writer what we all want?