Good morning my darklings.  The end of my car may be at hand.  I’ve been having a run of bad luck.  I won’t go through the whole list but the last couple.  I’m starting to wonder if someone has hexed me or something.  Friday, my car broke down, like not going anywhere, in the middle of Howard Street during rush hour.  It is a very good thing that I’m good with vulgar comebacks because everyone was hating me.  I managed to get it started long enough during a red light while no one was coming to get it into a parking lot.  Then once my mom got there I bought some of the fluid it was leaking (I can at least get the hood up and check fluids and stuff), overfilled it so as it ran out there would be extra and drove like a bat out Hell to get my car to at least get it in front of my mother’s.

Then yesterday the guy who came to tow it to my mechanic,  me and the mechanic are both about a half hour away, rode me to my mechanic.  But I had to listen to rap and that kind of music the whole way.  Thankfully, my ears were intact when we finally got there by going through the inner streets of Baltimore.  Like where HBO filmed The Corner.  Luckily there were no shootings and the rest of me made it to the mechanics intact too. lol

I was running errands, in my husband’s car, and stopped at the puppy store to try and cheer myself up.  I know I can’t have another dog because my psycho Jack Russel won’t let other dogs in the house.  But I did see a beautiful blackish reddish Finch in a cage with a lovely white with blue tipped wings Parakeet.  The owner won’t let them be separated because their in love but would be willing to give me a deal on them and the cage and stuff if I promised not to separate them when I got home.  My husband won’t let me have to birds but I plan to keep working on that.

Then while running errands a woman in line ahead of me had to pay $7.42.  Then mine came up to $7.42.  I don’t play pick 3 in the lottery but I figured it had to be a sign.  I went to the tobacco store, I needed cigarettes anyway, and get a pick 3 right then.   I thought maybe I’ll win something to add to the mechanic bill.  So I got up this morning to see what the numbers were.  Yeah.  842.  One freaking number!

We’re going to my mom’s today.  My husband is an excellent cook.  I like to blame my extra weight on his cooking and having his 3 kids. lol  But he’s going to cook dinner for them since having my mother in the car meant we could use the towing feature and not have to pay for the tow.  But when we get up there, if I get any chance to get away, I’m going to the occult store if I can.  The lady who owns it is very sweet and very gifted.  She knew I was going to have surgery before I knew I even had a problem.  She said, “You have this blackness right here.”  And pointed to the upper part of my belly and 2 months later, my gallbladder was coming out, I had pancreatitis and they were both so bad I’d infected my liver as well.  So I’m going to have her check me out.

So that’s my very long, for me, blog about being so close to winning some money and the quick story about why I wanted it.   Does anyone else ever have days, I mean it’s been almost a week now, that bad or let’s say obstacles plague them?  Okay, I’m really done complaining now. 🙂