This is not a good morning my darklings.  Two of my daughters got up last night and stayed up all night.  Then the little creatures fell asleep when the sun was coming up.  Two hours of sleep is not fun.  The coffee is not helping.  Could I have built up that much of a caffeine tolerance?  And since we know I prefer and cloudy or rainy, preferably stormy, day, the sun this morning is extra bright.  Brightness really does hurt my eyes so I’m telling you this by glancing at the windows with the corner of my eye.  Sometime today I’ll be expected to go out there and clean the pool so the kids, even the ones who are starting to wake up now refreshed and demanding breakfast, can go swimming.  I only have two more school supplies and I’ll be done and I just want to get that overwith.  And so much more.

The only part I’m looking forward to is writing and just a little bit ago I was doubtful I’d be able to form a sentence but it seems to be working here.  Maybe I have chance.  That’s if I get off my butt and start doing all of the other crap.  I’m a little grumpy today gothlings but good ol’ Krista usually pulls through.  And tonight the kids are going in that pool whether they want to or not and swimming around until their exhausted so I can go to sleep because sleepless sucks.  There should be bumper stickers for that to warn other drivers that “hey I have boughts of insomnia” or “my kid is sick so I was up all night cleaning up gross stuff and pinning them down to take their medicine” or in my case they were just… I don’t know what last night.

So, I guess I’ll have to end now and force myself out of this chair and away from this computer.  Yay.  😛