Good almost afternoon my lovelies.  First, thanks to all of you who congratulated and liked my post anniversary post.  There are people out there that read this! lol

Today is hair dyeing day.  I used to go a normal color and put maroon streaks through it.  But, even at 34, I must listen to my mother who informed me if I ever did that again while she was living she wouldn’t talk to me.  I have a box of it waiting in my closet. lol  I bought it before the threat.  I’m not that heartless. lol  She’s used to me dyeing my hair black though and I’ve found a few ways to work myself into what she’ll accept as normal, which is something I’ve never been.  I dye it that black that has the shimmery purpley blue as highlights when the light hits it.  I’ve also found a new thing that I love.  I’ve used this stuff called Splat once before, when I really did dye my hair purple but it’s permanent and I have to use peroxide on my hair.  I can tell you from that experience, I will never be a blonde.  But anyway, they now have Splat that will wash out in one wash.  So I’ve gone through every color. lol  I’ve had purple, red, hot pink and blue streaks through my hair and I can’t get in trouble because as soon as I wash it, it’s gone.  I love it.  I get what I want and she still has to talk to me. he he  So the hair is dyed and I’m debating extra purple.

I think creative people all have something kind of weird about them.  Okay, so I’ve got a lot of weird.  But the questions are, does anyone else have a weird quirk and do you think it helps you write better?  I always feel my writing is better after I’ve done something a little odd.  Next up, I’m working on getting an industrial piercing.  At least that’s through the ear.  It’s not like I’m piercing my tongue again or anything. lol