Good morning gothlings.  Today is the anniversary of this blog and a drawing for a little prize if you’ve commented here or liked my KomplelteyKrista facebook page.  I’ll send a personal message to the winner.

Anyway, for a little history lesson: the very first blog.  I am what you’d call a technophobe and even as easy as I found this to set up, with my tech savvy best friend and her husband both on the phone with me lol, I was still very nervous and scard.  I’m private and shy.  What the heck would I write about and who would care anyway?  But in my gothyness (I doubt that’s a word), I took at as a good sign that is was thunderstorming like crazy that night and my very first post was talks about that a little and me a little and what I do.  It’s so much easier to write a book for me than to do this.

So, because I don’t know how to use the computer prize winning things, I’ve done this the old fashioned way.  I wrote down everyone’s name, cut and folded the slips of paper, turned my head and had my youngest son just pick a piece of paper.  Viola!  The winner.  I’m sorry for you that didn’t win but don’t worry, I’ve got thoughts in the work for me, no annual, Halloween Drawing.  That one will have cooler prizes.  I can let my morbid out for that one.  🙂  I guess you all know by now my love of autumn and Halloween.

And Happy Anniversary to those of you who’ve stuck by me little blog and liked my page.  Thanks. 🙂