Okay, good morning my lovely darkilings.  In this post I’m going to put my Soul Reaper.  It’s the first drawing I’ve done in a while and I did it this morning with just pencil and paper while having my morning coffee and cigarettes.  🙂   Maybe as the day goes on, I’ll add some color because I’m not quite sure how well it will show up on this page.  This is very hard for me because I’m particularly shy about what I draw because I really not so very good at it.  Of course I never claimed to be an artist, just a writer but I’ve just found that drawing calms my nerves.  Maybe I’ll have to dig out the paints.  I think it’s okay, if maybe kind of childish looking but I’m rusty.  Writing, kids, a house and husband don’t allow for much frivolous time.

But I went for because what I’m writing has soul reapers in it.  I feel much more capable in front of this computer. lol  But I figure, in part of my story, that the actual Angel of Death has a lot to do and he has helpers.  So anyway, when I post this, if you can see it and want to say something, I can handle “This is not very good” and criticism, but no teasing.  My fragile little ego even makes me doubt how well I write and that’s what I’m supposed to be good at. lol  It’s like a little voice in my head whispering to me all the time saying things like, “This book or idea or the scene sucks.  Give it up.”  All right, I need more coffee and a cigarette to go with putting this up.  Okay, that’s a little better.  Here we go.  You’ll have to click the picture to see the whole thing.  Sorry, I didn’t know that until I published it.

We lose the bottoms of her boots to fit the tittle in and I got lazy on drawing tombstones, so sorry about that.  I also had a 5 year old who was trying to help me.  The Graveyard sign was her idea.  I’m actually being critiqued by her right now. 🙂  So, the crescent moon is for her to pull the soul out and the orb in her other hand is to store them until she delivers them to the Angel of Death.  I wish I had body though. lol  So anyway, if you want tell me what you think.

And tomorrow is the anniversary of the blog and the prize drawing.  Good comments won’t help. lol