Good morning my darklings.  A friend of mine, Louise Caiola (who has her own excellent blog called Off The Hook), the writer of the very excellent book Wishless, gave me this idea for this blog and writing and the real world.  We agree that after a steady bought of writing or reading, it’s hard to come back to the real world.

Everything I read or write is either dark fantasy or horror and if I’ve been on a good writing jag or found a book that I love, I do find it very hard to stop and come back to reality.  It’s almost like waking up.  I’ll stop to do the motherly stuff or laundry and cleaning but it’s as if I’ve left half of myself at the computer waiting on the character in what I’m reading are paused, waiting to finish telling me their story.

This may be some kind of mental disorder, it wouldn’t surprise me if I had another lol, but I’ll find myself walking around the grocery store wondering if any of those people are going through the kind of things my, or someone else’s, characters.  Could they be like me and practice some witchcraft?  Are they a powerful psychic that could read the minds of the people in the store if they wanted?  What if they’re on the run from some nasty fairies, a demon, searching for clue to save themselves from some horrible, unwanted destiny?  While folding laundry or scrubbing the bathroom, I wonder if powerful creatures have to do the same thing.  They need clean stuff too.  Or have they amassed a fortune over their long lifetimes for someone else to do it for them?  Do they have powerful objects in their house instead of the weird, gothy stuff I collect?

Maybe Louise doesn’t take it as far as I do, so I don’t want to drag her into my issue, but do you feel partially left behind too?  Are you sad when you finish reading a great book or finish your own book?