First, before we get into anxiety and writing, let me just remind you that there are only five days to post a comment or follow my blog, or like my facebook page at to be entered into my little drawing.  The prize isn’t huge but you have to admit that it does feel good to win something no matter what it is.  I personally love what I’ve got and am seriously debating buying something else so I can keep the prize.  But then, my darklings, we all know what kind of weirdo I am.  If you’ve already commented, or are following the blog or have liked my page, you’re automatically entered anyway.

So let’s get to the anxiety thing.  I’m one of those people with severe anxiety.  Almost constantly I’m anxious or worried about something and that is not a healthy way to write.  It’s not fear of rejection that does it, but I have to release the major hold I have on my mind to slip into my character and that is very difficult when you have to have to control I have over panic attacks.  I would think that writing and living someone else’s life would provide some kind of relief but if it’s a bad day, that’s not going to happen.  It holds me back.  I think I could write to my full potential if I could just let go and be that person for a while.  But anxiety keeps me from writing a lot of good stuff because I can’t let go of the control in my head to release my characters they way I imagine them.  Do any of you feel that way?  I think I’d rather hide in my house with pain pills for my migraines and Xanax for my panic and just immerse myself in another life for just a little while.  Does anyone else feel that way?   Besides being a gift and what you really want to do, do you find writing as a way of escapism?