Not that Jessica Galbreth is one of my favorite artists or anything. 🙂 But the picture is called Autumn Splendor and is one of my favorites.

Good morning my darklings.  I guess you can tell by the picture that I’m ready for the seasons to change.  Fall is my favorite.  Maybe it’s because I’m clumsy and fall all of the time. 🙂  I like spring too with the birth of blossoming trees and flowers blooming.  I love when the wind blows and the pastel mix of pink, purple and white tree blossom blow around like they’re playing in the air or skirting along the ground.  Summer is not for me.  I don’t like to be hot and I hate what humidity does to my hair.  Plus the goth life I used to live seems to make it impossible for me to do anything but burn and get pale over and over.  Winter isn’t so bad as long as it doesn’t snow or we don’t get pounded by an ice storm.  But Autumn is perfect.  The trees go from their pale pallet of spring to the reds, yellows and oranges and the leaves still do their dancing play in the wind.  And, of all things, we can’t forget Halloween, the coolest holiday in the world. 🙂

What’s even more important, is that fall seems to be my season of inspiration.  The outside is beautiful.  Inside, if I’m not writing, there are horror movies and ghost stories galore.  I could easily spend a day with some buttery popcorn and scary stuff on the television.  It makes me want to create.  I want to sit down and write some dark fantasy or some horror.  It’s not a chore like with the summer sun beaming in through the blinds and curtains no matter what I do.  And I don’t need spring to write about love in a story.  I’m a grown up.  I know what love is and how to write it.  I like it powerful and passionate, protective, forgiving and forever.  I want my characters to have love like The Crow, which was also a fall story.  They were going to get married on Halloween.  Immediate love of the movie on that one and it only got better. 🙂

So I’m ready for a visit from the Autumn Splendor Fairy.  For her magic to touch the world and those of us akin to that time of year, to help us weave tales that wrap readers in our world, to love of characters and the people they become.  I’m ready for that infusion of inspiration; to feel it pump through me until I can’t stand it any longer and have to get it out.  It isn’t that those things don’t happen all year but that it seems just so much more in Autumn when I’m surrounded by my element, when I can hang from my door the little sign that reads:  I Don’t Need Halloween, I’m a Witch All Year. 🙂