Good morning darklings.  I now know what I need to be a super productive writer.  Last night as I stared at the dreaded blinking cursor with good ideas to make it move further down the page, all I could think about was what I’d have to do today in order to sit down and really write.  I need a nanny/maid.  I haven’t made nearly enough money to afford either of those yet but there are few things worse than finally getting into a writing grove and hear the buzzer from the washer or dryer or one of the kids hollering out that one did something to the other and to come fix it.  I can’t send them outside to play because I can’t see them from where I write and I’m to paranoid about that, so there’s where the nanny would come into the picture.  The maid, I think, is obvious.  Even if the maid came once or twice a week, I think I could hold down the fort so it doesn’t look like a tornado hit the inside of my house and still manage to get a good amount of writing done.  Do you think any of those people would be willing to work for meager money and a mention in the acknowledgements of my book once Terrie gets me a nice little contract?  Or an awesome huge contract? lol  Yeah, me neither.  🙂