This is Hekate.  Normally she is the crone version of the Triple Goddess.  Maybe here she’s meant to exemplify the beauty that comes with age and wisdom and not just being old.  There is a beauty in old age.  The stories, the knowledge and the life lessons that we have to learn ourselves no matter how many times we’re warned otherwise.  I remember my grandfather telling me that while I was in high school that it was the best time of my life.  I would never have scoffed at him, I loved him far too much for that, but in my head I wondered how much worse life can be.  Sure, I had a loving boyfriend and was friends with the popular girls even though I dressed like a freak.  But he was right.  Every year is the best year of your life.  I miss my friends.  I miss my boyfriend who has died since then.  He was my best friend and that’s hard to lose.  It’s more painful than you think it will ever be.

But as I smoke this cigarette and write this blog, I understand that my main character, Sara, must learn these lessons and fast.  She will be in her senior year.  She’s learned a lot about herself.  She has a lot more to learn.  Just like the rest of us did.  To make her real, to make people feel and understand her, I’ll have to put more of myself into this than I’m used to.  The sarcasm comes easy.  But everything else…it will definitely be a work in progress.  You can’t be afraid to do that though.  You have to put yourself into your main character and he/she into you.