Well, my gothlings, all is mostly right withe the world again.  I’m sitting here typing this with fresh, hot coffee and a cigarette.  Now if there was a car parked outside, things would be pretty good.  🙂  I should have it today, I hope.  Last night as soon as the hubs came home from work I took the car and got some coffee.  Then I drove past the shop where my car is getting fixed.  It looked mostly done.  It’s not that I go many places but I like the option to do so.

Anyway, Sara is moving along on her journey.  Maybe I write weird but I get the beginning, then I decide how I want the book to end and it’s just kind of like filling in the middle with cool plot parts, some love, lots of magic and, of course, dead stuff. 🙂  And sarcasm.  Some people don’t get my sense of humor but I can’t take it out.  Unless Terrie or a publisher who wants a re-write tells me too.

So now I’m at the part where I’m filling in the middle.  They say that the beginning is the most important part and I agree.  If I start a book and I don’t like it or it sucks, I have trouble getting through it.  If it’s really bad, I just stop.  If you’re not going to hook me in the beginning, I’m not going to struggle to get to the end.  But the middle is the struggle.  That’s where you keep a reader reading and get them emotionally involved with the characters and how they grow as people, or creatures depending on what you’re writing.  But, I have coffee, so the struggle shouldn’t be much of one.  I hope. 🙂