Darklings, we have a Krista type of emergency.  I’m going through coffee withdrawal.  I’m sure I’ve written a post about this before, same title and everything.  But this image is just about perfect to fit the feeling I’m having right now.  If the sign this little fairy was holding read got coffee instead of got fairy, it would be on point.  She’s got that look on her face that says, “Look, I’m tired of tea and if you’ve got coffee, I’m taking it from you.”  And I don’t think she’s kidding.  Neither am I.  No coffee makes everything harder but I should get my car back today and I’ll be heading to the nearest Dunkin Donuts followed by a grocery store and stocking up.  You’d think I might possibly be smart enough to stay stocked up but I’m easily distracted and just assume that I have coffee stashed somewhere around here.  Nope.

But I’m making progress on my book so lack of coffee can’t be allowed to stop me.  Yeah, the housework and kids have to come first but I’ve written a couple of days in a row now, which is good for me because of the stuff going on in my life that is too exhausting to even think about.  So in a little while I’ll escape into Sara’s head and get a break from my problems, like no freaking coffee, to the problems she’s having.  If only it were less sunny outside that would help but mother nature is who she is and it is summer.  So I’ll deal with that too.  Maybe I’ll wear sunglasses while I’m typing. 🙂