For the new book I’m writing, the main character is not an angel but this picture called Dark Angel has helped inspire something of what she’ll be like in the end.  I can see Sara in this watercolor artwork; long hair, beautiful, shy and innocent even though she a dark witch and followed by birds of death.  At least to me.  I love her graceful wings of dark autumn colors even though she rides a crescent moon through the night.  She seems made of night magic, which my main character Sara is not made of.  Sara is a good witch but has powers of darkness and death.  This angel seems lonely like Sara and perhaps a little afraid of what she’s capable of, hallowed by an aura of stars.

I can’t wait until I get a chance to write today, until Sara can start making the decisions that will lead her to be someone like this angel.  I’m coming up with changes to the plot that will lead her to find love so she won’t be such a sad-looking dark angel.  I’m writing the book in my head as I write this and look at the picture.  I can only hope that I can hold on to these plans until my chance gets here and that I can give her the proper gothic transformation from lovely, powerful witch to someone or thing similar to the creature that will make her more than she is and what she’s supposed to be.

Do any of you ever see something like this, a piece of art or hear a song that inspires your book?  Something that takes away that block that’s held your beloved character in stasis instead of the person she’s meant to be?