Good morning my gothlings.  Right now this could be just a long continuation of yesterday for me.  I have not been to sleep and Wednesday night was literally filled with one nightmare after another.  I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the two but I’ve been seeing things around the house while everyone else slept.  I’ve assured my kids that there’s nothing scary in this house, usually I know.  But after five years, last night I saw shadows that shouldn’t be where they were and people not just out of the corner of my eye but full on for a glimpse.  Look over and there’s someone, blink and it’s gone.  Not unusual for me but strange for my house.  Maybe I am as crazy as I’m told.  At 4 am this morning I got carded for a pack of cigarettes.  Another oddity since I’ve been legally able to smoke for 16 years now.

I really thought about writing but with the nightmares still floating in my head and not writing a horror book, I had no concentration to get anything down when you mix in last night.  I have literally fallen asleep writing at the computer before but last night just didn’t have that vibe.

A lot of my nightmares reoccur.  They’re not always exactly the same but the place is the same, the feeling is the same.  But these were different.  Actual nightmares within nightmares where I’d thought I’d woken up but hadn’t.  Not cool.  Give me horror movies but leave my dreams alone please.