This is not from a new book.  This picture, which I would like to have as part of my gravestone (though I’m sure my husband won’t let me lol), is from a book called The Enchanted World of Jessica Galbreth.  I love this picture book so much I might have to start featuring new ones every so often.  She explains her inspiration, the tools and type of media she used to create them.  My son bought me this book.  He might have an idea of the things I like. 🙂  He’s a pretty good kid and I think I’ll keep him.  But on to the other books…

I have an obsession with the dead, the magical and the real life ways corpses are treated.  One of my favorite books, as I’ve mentioned, is called Cemetery Stories by Katherine Ramsland.  If you want the real deal on mortuary work, how it affects the families that grow up around it and the life of corpses, this is definitely a book for you.  I also have a love of Poe, I don’t think he knows about our relationship, but I’m skipping around.  He’s mentioned in another excellent book called Stiff:  The Curious lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach.  At one point in time people were terrified of being buried alive so a lot of failsafes were put into place.  She digs a bit more deeply into what really happens to the bodies, especially the ones that are donated to science or unclaimed.  Yes, medical students will practice on your parts and doctors will take refresher courses with pieces.

I’m also very fond of Ms. Ramsland’s books on serial killers and getting into their minds and the mystery and the minds of the men/women who helped capture them.  And Jack the Ripper?  Another favorite.  I may be twisted.

Anyway, the two new ones are called Skullduggery:  45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead by Brian Kannard and Cemetery Walk:  Journey Into the Art, History and Society of the Cemetery and Beyond by Minda Powers-Douglas.  I’m really looking forward to that one and may have to skip forward.  I’m also reading Dark Kiss, Moon Spell and Reckless Magic.

My point is that all of these things inspire me to write.  I read those books and it makes me want to write more.  I want to write better than I do.  It makes me want to get that publishing deal all that much more.  Do any of you have these quirks or are my quirks quirky because of the vast difference in what I prefer to read and inspire me?