I’m thinking of having another contest.  I that means that I’ll have to keep posting so that’ll be good for me.  The rules will be one entry per person and you enter by posting on my blog or Twitter, which is @Cetrewly in case you didn’t know.  Then I’ll draw a name and that person will win something cool.  I’m not sure what it will be or when the dates will be but I’m working on it.  The though just occurred to me now so obviously a lot of thought hasn’t gone into it yet.  But I’ll let you know when I’ve worked it all out.

On another note, I managed to stab myself twice in the hand last night.  I didn’t realize the blade was open, so while searching for my cigarettes, I gauged my thumb and then when I reached back in to close the knife, I stabbed myself on my index finger.  Knife boo-boos really bleed. lol  I had blood all over the place, inside my purse, on my close, running down me leg.  Just imagine how dangerous I could be if I was using the knife on purpose. lol  My thumb probably could have used some stitches but everything heals with time.  I hope.