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Change of Season


Not that Jessica Galbreth is one of my favorite artists or anything. 🙂 But the picture is called Autumn Splendor and is one of my favorites.

Good morning my darklings.  I guess you can tell by the picture that I’m ready for the seasons to change.  Fall is my favorite.  Maybe it’s because I’m clumsy and fall all of the time. 🙂  I like spring too with the birth of blossoming trees and flowers blooming.  I love when the wind blows and the pastel mix of pink, purple and white tree blossom blow around like they’re playing in the air or skirting along the ground.  Summer is not for me.  I don’t like to be hot and I hate what humidity does to my hair.  Plus the goth life I used to live seems to make it impossible for me to do anything but burn and get pale over and over.  Winter isn’t so bad as long as it doesn’t snow or we don’t get pounded by an ice storm.  But Autumn is perfect.  The trees go from their pale pallet of spring to the reds, yellows and oranges and the leaves still do their dancing play in the wind.  And, of all things, we can’t forget Halloween, the coolest holiday in the world. 🙂

What’s even more important, is that fall seems to be my season of inspiration.  The outside is beautiful.  Inside, if I’m not writing, there are horror movies and ghost stories galore.  I could easily spend a day with some buttery popcorn and scary stuff on the television.  It makes me want to create.  I want to sit down and write some dark fantasy or some horror.  It’s not a chore like with the summer sun beaming in through the blinds and curtains no matter what I do.  And I don’t need spring to write about love in a story.  I’m a grown up.  I know what love is and how to write it.  I like it powerful and passionate, protective, forgiving and forever.  I want my characters to have love like The Crow, which was also a fall story.  They were going to get married on Halloween.  Immediate love of the movie on that one and it only got better. 🙂

So I’m ready for a visit from the Autumn Splendor Fairy.  For her magic to touch the world and those of us akin to that time of year, to help us weave tales that wrap readers in our world, to love of characters and the people they become.  I’m ready for that infusion of inspiration; to feel it pump through me until I can’t stand it any longer and have to get it out.  It isn’t that those things don’t happen all year but that it seems just so much more in Autumn when I’m surrounded by my element, when I can hang from my door the little sign that reads:  I Don’t Need Halloween, I’m a Witch All Year. 🙂


I’ve Picked the Prize

Good morning darklings.  Yesterday, I picked the prize the person who;s name is drawn August 8th will win.  Of course now I want it.  It’s not very big but I think it’s pretty cool.  So remember a comment or following of this blog or liking my face book page is all it takes to enter.  If you’ve already done one or all of these things, your name is already entered.  I hope you like it.

So on to my blog.  I had another night of nightmares again.  I don’t think I would mind so much if I could remember them enough to use them in my writing.  Instead it’s a night of waking up over and over and a day haunted by what I can’t recall and being more tired that usual.  There’s no monster, except clowns, that I’m especially afraid of,  Or am I dreaming from a character’s point of view?  I don’t know.

This blog was mostly to remind every one of the drawing.  I just almost choked myself to death on coffee so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s time to end the blog now. lol

Jessica Galbreth’s Fairy of Inspiration but I like to think of her as my muse.

Good morning, my gothlings.  It’s dark and gray outside with the promise of thunderstorms all day.  Perfect writing weather for me.  My Muse decided last night to roll over in bed, stretch, yawn and wake me up about 2 am this morning.  You know how they are.  Your Muse ignores you no matter how much you plead and try to get her to help but when she’s ready, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it, you’re going to have to write.  Whether you’re one of those people who carries a notebook and pen  everywhere or has to get right to the computer.  But I’m not going to complain.  My Muse is a lovely, creative creature surrounded by stars, so I should know she likes to be nocturnal and the best daytime writing comes on the darkest days.  Plus, she got me over a rough patch.  I’m going to have to find some yellow flowers and a crystal quartz to keep by my computer to keep happy and close.  Just so you don’t think I’m extra crazy, yellow flowers are supposed to draw the muses and clear crystal quartz magnifies any spell you use it in.

I’m excited to write today.   I can’t wait, some coffee, my cigarettes Of course I’ll have to get other stuff done so I can devote most of my attention to her guidance.  She just can’t have all of it, kids and the husband and all, you know.  🙂

Now I’m not saying the extra Xanax for the emergency trip to the dentist and the pain pills he gave me didn’t help either.  I’m a panic attack, tense kind of girl and the more relaxed I am, the easier it is to slip into my character head and her life.  And this may sound weird but my Muse and I really like some of Havarti cheese and pepperoni.  Whatever it takes, right?

I Know What I Need Now

Good morning darklings.  I now know what I need to be a super productive writer.  Last night as I stared at the dreaded blinking cursor with good ideas to make it move further down the page, all I could think about was what I’d have to do today in order to sit down and really write.  I need a nanny/maid.  I haven’t made nearly enough money to afford either of those yet but there are few things worse than finally getting into a writing grove and hear the buzzer from the washer or dryer or one of the kids hollering out that one did something to the other and to come fix it.  I can’t send them outside to play because I can’t see them from where I write and I’m to paranoid about that, so there’s where the nanny would come into the picture.  The maid, I think, is obvious.  Even if the maid came once or twice a week, I think I could hold down the fort so it doesn’t look like a tornado hit the inside of my house and still manage to get a good amount of writing done.  Do you think any of those people would be willing to work for meager money and a mention in the acknowledgements of my book once Terrie gets me a nice little contract?  Or an awesome huge contract? lol  Yeah, me neither.  🙂

This is Hekate.  Normally she is the crone version of the Triple Goddess.  Maybe here she’s meant to exemplify the beauty that comes with age and wisdom and not just being old.  There is a beauty in old age.  The stories, the knowledge and the life lessons that we have to learn ourselves no matter how many times we’re warned otherwise.  I remember my grandfather telling me that while I was in high school that it was the best time of my life.  I would never have scoffed at him, I loved him far too much for that, but in my head I wondered how much worse life can be.  Sure, I had a loving boyfriend and was friends with the popular girls even though I dressed like a freak.  But he was right.  Every year is the best year of your life.  I miss my friends.  I miss my boyfriend who has died since then.  He was my best friend and that’s hard to lose.  It’s more painful than you think it will ever be.

But as I smoke this cigarette and write this blog, I understand that my main character, Sara, must learn these lessons and fast.  She will be in her senior year.  She’s learned a lot about herself.  She has a lot more to learn.  Just like the rest of us did.  To make her real, to make people feel and understand her, I’ll have to put more of myself into this than I’m used to.  The sarcasm comes easy.  But everything else…it will definitely be a work in progress.  You can’t be afraid to do that though.  You have to put yourself into your main character and he/she into you.

Well, my gothlings, all is mostly right withe the world again.  I’m sitting here typing this with fresh, hot coffee and a cigarette.  Now if there was a car parked outside, things would be pretty good.  🙂  I should have it today, I hope.  Last night as soon as the hubs came home from work I took the car and got some coffee.  Then I drove past the shop where my car is getting fixed.  It looked mostly done.  It’s not that I go many places but I like the option to do so.

Anyway, Sara is moving along on her journey.  Maybe I write weird but I get the beginning, then I decide how I want the book to end and it’s just kind of like filling in the middle with cool plot parts, some love, lots of magic and, of course, dead stuff. 🙂  And sarcasm.  Some people don’t get my sense of humor but I can’t take it out.  Unless Terrie or a publisher who wants a re-write tells me too.

So now I’m at the part where I’m filling in the middle.  They say that the beginning is the most important part and I agree.  If I start a book and I don’t like it or it sucks, I have trouble getting through it.  If it’s really bad, I just stop.  If you’re not going to hook me in the beginning, I’m not going to struggle to get to the end.  But the middle is the struggle.  That’s where you keep a reader reading and get them emotionally involved with the characters and how they grow as people, or creatures depending on what you’re writing.  But, I have coffee, so the struggle shouldn’t be much of one.  I hope. 🙂

Coffee Withdrawal

Darklings, we have a Krista type of emergency.  I’m going through coffee withdrawal.  I’m sure I’ve written a post about this before, same title and everything.  But this image is just about perfect to fit the feeling I’m having right now.  If the sign this little fairy was holding read got coffee instead of got fairy, it would be on point.  She’s got that look on her face that says, “Look, I’m tired of tea and if you’ve got coffee, I’m taking it from you.”  And I don’t think she’s kidding.  Neither am I.  No coffee makes everything harder but I should get my car back today and I’ll be heading to the nearest Dunkin Donuts followed by a grocery store and stocking up.  You’d think I might possibly be smart enough to stay stocked up but I’m easily distracted and just assume that I have coffee stashed somewhere around here.  Nope.

But I’m making progress on my book so lack of coffee can’t be allowed to stop me.  Yeah, the housework and kids have to come first but I’ve written a couple of days in a row now, which is good for me because of the stuff going on in my life that is too exhausting to even think about.  So in a little while I’ll escape into Sara’s head and get a break from my problems, like no freaking coffee, to the problems she’s having.  If only it were less sunny outside that would help but mother nature is who she is and it is summer.  So I’ll deal with that too.  Maybe I’ll wear sunglasses while I’m typing. 🙂

Today’s Post

Today’s post is going to be very short today.  The weather if gloomy and thunderstorms predicted.  This is just the right weather for me to write by.  On the downside, I’ve got some stuff I’ve got to get done first and I’m really, really tired.  If you read the blog, you’ve seen what my main character Sara looks like and how through her development and the plot, she should end up similar to the picture I posted of Dark Angel.  There’s a lot of work in between the two and a lot of editing after it’s done before I can send it to Terrie to look at.  So that’ll be it for today.  I can’t waste the writing will on the blog if I want to write the good stuff.  So have a gloomy day and try to create something great.  🙂

I’ve shown you were my character Sara will end up and what she will become.  This picture titled Bewitching shows where she came from.  She is a lovely witch who is about to gain all of her powers.  There’s the crescent moon, she’s holding her pentagram, all of which show who she is, or was and her eyes hold that slightly haunted look like Sara has.  A triple Goddess circlet graces her head but love and power will make her so much more.  I know I’m able, but I hope I can make Sara the power she will become.

Dark Angel

For the new book I’m writing, the main character is not an angel but this picture called Dark Angel has helped inspire something of what she’ll be like in the end.  I can see Sara in this watercolor artwork; long hair, beautiful, shy and innocent even though she a dark witch and followed by birds of death.  At least to me.  I love her graceful wings of dark autumn colors even though she rides a crescent moon through the night.  She seems made of night magic, which my main character Sara is not made of.  Sara is a good witch but has powers of darkness and death.  This angel seems lonely like Sara and perhaps a little afraid of what she’s capable of, hallowed by an aura of stars.

I can’t wait until I get a chance to write today, until Sara can start making the decisions that will lead her to be someone like this angel.  I’m coming up with changes to the plot that will lead her to find love so she won’t be such a sad-looking dark angel.  I’m writing the book in my head as I write this and look at the picture.  I can only hope that I can hold on to these plans until my chance gets here and that I can give her the proper gothic transformation from lovely, powerful witch to someone or thing similar to the creature that will make her more than she is and what she’s supposed to be.

Do any of you ever see something like this, a piece of art or hear a song that inspires your book?  Something that takes away that block that’s held your beloved character in stasis instead of the person she’s meant to be?