funny. i’ve never blogged on anyone else’s blog. ahhhh every day a learning experience.

i write, mostly, about the outdoors, nature, whatever you want to call it. but nature in the larger framework of life.

i’m also a photographer so i try and mix up the two whenever i can. i try and mix up my writing too. it’s about a lot of things, mostly personal experience. i love playing with words and sentence structure and i don’t much go for linear thought. really, if you think about all the things you think about in a minutes time and how chaotic life is…..i think that’s the way writing should be. stream of thought and somehow it all knits together.
the three books i’ve written are nonfiction–one was a photo book–but i have written three novels, none published. the best is the one terrie has right now which is about the newspaper business and montana and africa with a lot of death interwoven throughout. death of old forms and ways. death of dreams. death of self. death of loved ones. death.
“After the croc ate Teasely our African expedition took a turn for the worse.” that’s the first line of that book. i just rewrote the last third of it based on a suicidal teenager who leaped out of her mother’s car onto the highway in front of me one night on my way home from work. she was struck by the car in front of me and killed. a horrific experience. i had a suicide scene with the main characters son in the african book but that event triggered something different and a spate of writing that had me sleeping on the floor of my home office and waking at all hours to write for two weeks. not so good for my working day life but good for the book.
i’ve worked in newspapers for most of my life. hmmmm. reluctantly. but also joyfully. i was with the rocky mountain news for twenty years, both as a shooter and picture editor, before it closed its doors. unemployed for three years. which was perfect for writing. i worked on the africa book. not so good for other things. marriage. house. car. all gone. there for awhile i experienced the worst of the american dream. things are much simpler now. it was like that old haiku, “barn burned down. now i can see the moon.”
i’m also a single dad with a teenager still at home.
a little over a year ago i began working for the denver post as a sports photo editor. i walked from bankruptcy court over to the post to pick up the letter formally giving me the job. a surreal experience to be sure. already things are shaky at the post. lost space in the paper. people. we’re getting rid of our copy desk and most, the majority, of our copy editors. more fun to come. print publishing is in upheaval all over the place.
but one great thing is that the post’s travel section has started a new blog about travel in the west called “free range,” and although i’m working mainly with photos all day i’ve also been writing for the blog by night and in my free time. lots. it clears out the cobwebs and best of all makes me write. here’s my latest.
this isn’t serious stuff (something takes over my personality when i write blogs for free range) but i don’t consider myself a “serious” writer. ummmm. well. with the exception of the african book.
one thing. i took an seo class in regards to blogging. i’d be happy to share what i learned. the main thing: sexy, wonderful titles don’t draw the numbers. google likes things straightforward. what is this about. boom. and their search engines don’t count anything over about 65 characters (including spaces) in the title. it’s made a big difference in traffic numbers for me.
ohhhhhh yeah. i write all in lower case because i don’t believe any one letter should be more important than any other. especially, “i.” it’s hell on the rewrite for publication but it’s the way my mind works.
i don’t socialize much on facebook, but i follow all the aka posts and i like reading all of the things all of you write. i’m just quiet is all. i save my loudness for writing.