Read up my darklings.  A fellow AKA writer has guest posted for my blog.  The Gremlins continue to wreak havoc on us.  :0  lol

The Gremlins in my Head

By Eric M. Black


I remember as a kid watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, and there was one particular episode that had to do with gremlins.  The gremlins were actually quite cute, but destructive.   In that episode, they dismantled airplanes.


Fast forward a few years to a movie with the title “Gremlins.”  Wow! – did that just change everything or what?  No longer were gremlins cute little creatures that took apart airplanes, now they were scary.


This leads me to my point.  Are the gremlins in my head those cute gremlins a la Bugs Bunny or are they the destructive, evil gremlins that were created because they ate after midnight?  Let me explain.  Sometimes when I write, one of my characters is facing one of those moments.  You know, when everything will change for him.  At that moment, the gremlins kick in.  Sometimes, they are the Looney Tunes gremlins, and I just mess with the character a little.  I might give him a flat tire on the way to an important meeting or have him miss a flight because he was selected for a random baggage search at the airport.  And then…sometimes it is the movie gremlins.  When that happens, all bets are off, and you can almost guarantee that someone is going to die.


So what causes these gremlins?  Isn’t it strange that someone would have a gremlin battle in their head while they write?  I agree.  But at the same time, I’m glad they are there.  It’s after midnight – anyone want a snack?