Well, I have no idea what to talk about today. lol  I’m full of mundane stuff which no one wants to know about.  We all have that regular crap we have to deal with.  I’m sure a lot of you are like me.  Stirring, wishing you could let yourself hit the snooze even though your mind is already figuring out exactly how much time you have before you have to leave the comfort of your bed and hit the showers, what you’re going to pack in lunches or morning traffic.  Is our crazy spring going to give us a nice day or a cold one that has you totally rethinking what you and/or your kids are going to wear.  Did you fold that last load of laundry in the dryer last night or will it be the wrinkle release.  I, personally, think my wrinkle release button will wear out before my dryer does. lol

But I guess the big point, at least for me for today, is to muddle through the stuff I have to do to get to the stuff I want to do.  My characters are crawling through my head, making choices that I don’t seem to be a real part of because I’ve been too busy to put any of it down.  So when I do get to the good part of the day, I’ll have to reign them all in so I’m in control again and the story doesn’t fly off the tracks on me.

Do any of you have that problem?  Or the one that once you get going on a new book, a bunch of ideas for others start popping up and demanding your attention?  I have a fear that I’ll run out of things to say, so I’ll comply with a few of the better ideas and get that first paragraph or page down so I don’t lose it somewhere in the wasteland of my head. lol  It’s not just me is it?  lol